I’m fairly confident Tuesday marked the daily cycle low, barring another exogenous event coming out of Japan in the next day or two. I have updated stops and trade trigger on the website .


  1. guy


    how long does it take in your opinion for the crowd to realise the implications of what’s happening with the $.

  2. Nintendo78


    It seems like you are popping up all over the net.

    Does this website have anything to do with you?

    It looks very similar in terms of your cycle analysis and daily commentary. It may be another rip-off site or this guy has evolved a similar investing style to yours?

    It even has a mountain range as a backdrop.


  3. Michael

    Hi Gary,

    I shared this link ( with you about a year ago when the site was in bare-bones beta with just 400 companies, but it’s now complete. It’s a database of all mining & exploration stocks in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, about 1700, with all of their properties, resource estimates and production. You can search for companies using various filters and compare them by financial and resource metrics. We’ve also made niche mining sector indices & charts, and lists of movers by volume & price.

    It’s completely free and will remain so.

    Best regards,


  4. DG

    Veronica: How accurate is your system? YOu have posted stats about the USERX/Futes divergence before, but how good would this buy be likely to be?

  5. Veronica

    DG,my system is 65% accurate on long trades.Coupled with Gary’s and Doc’s cycle work and another cycle guy I watch should increase those odds I hope:)

  6. Veronica

    Also, the system is outperforming currently with the profit equity curve at all time highs.It’s never good to trade a system with a sideways or down curve as you know all systems ebb and flow with theur performance.

  7. Aaron

    A quick suggestion to those asking Hammy for info…
    He recommended ‘cyclist’ from kitco. Cyclist is as right about the market as a broken clock, and with no reasoning to back it up…except some astrological readings at times. Just an FYI, since I’d appreciate others of warning me about suggested reading if they had an input on it.

  8. Shalom Bernanke

    I must admit that I wasn’t focused on the dollar for this metals trade as long term all paper currency gets debased, which is good enough for me. When trading gold and silver, those are what I watch.

    But that was a great call by Gary. the dollar is getting trashed, when just about all “traders” I’ve read lately have been predicting a bounce. No wonder Gary is the most plagiarized site on the ‘net. πŸ™‚

  9. AGoldhamster

    Shalom Bernake – quite obviously you do not understand my trading style.

    I yesterday outlined what is important and what not.
    For those not able to read or digest: That was Lybia and Saudi Arabia.
    Explicitely mentioned these to countries as the reason to remain flat.

    Now what happened later in the day?

    No-fly airspaces was established, first a rumor later the fact.

    So what?

    Add that at the same time the major resistance at 1405 was breached – and even a blind knows what to do.

    Go long Brent, Gold, Silver, Swissy.

    Result – NAV just around 1-2K anymore below the last alltime high.


  10. Shalom Bernanke


    Of course I don’t understand your trading style. Not only do you have your site locked, but you don’t explain it very well. It didn’t take a genius to understand we were due for a pullback after an 80% run.

  11. Shalom Bernanke

    And my NAV is close to all time highs as well since I added into weakness, plus I still have all my positions, and more.

    Just get in there and buy ’em, Hammy!

  12. DG

    SB: You are just in a different world than Hammy regarding time frames. I have danced around Gary’s recommendations (I kept no core during the IT decline; posted a few days ago that I sold SIL before it tanked and replaced it with AGQ at lower prices Wednesday, etc.) IF you have the discipline to buy back when you are scared, and IF you use risk management trading is perfectly valid. Not nearly as easy as just buying and going away, but don’t count good traders out when they say they are “out” because they can be 100% in about 30 seconds.

  13. Aaron

    Nov lows should be taken out next week by the USD, and thats probably when gold will have a good chance of getting over 1440 and Silver getting over that annoying 36 level.

  14. Shalom Bernanke


    Perhaps, but not in a ripping bull market. I trade short term swings, but not in the metals bull.

    I find the best markets for more frequent entries and exits are usually sideways or non-trending. That is not the case with this trade.

  15. Poly

    I wouldn’t worry about Gaddafi, he provided a “spark or excuse”, but the game is on. Let the chase start.

    One of the most gratifying experience is having front seats and witnessing the clamor of the crowd at the gates, desperately wanting a piece.

  16. Poly

    See a lot of this action on Friday’s before a big run, everybody want’s their book in place for the weekend, no fun being locked out.

  17. Avann

    Does anyone here read Gartman?
    He draws a comparison between this earthquake and the one in 1989 that hit Tokyo.
    Basically, all the money needed to rebuild back then was pulled from North American markets and sent back to Japan. This had the effect of hitting NA markets hard … he doesn’t say but I assume metals as well … and propping up the Japanese markets. Any money that went back to Japan and wasn’t required immediately was put to work in Japanese equities.
    This effect did not occur until 2-3 weeks after the 1989 earthquake … it took them that long to assess the costs to rebuild.
    Anyone care to comment …

  18. AGoldhamster

    DG … or 400% or 1200% in in 30 seconds.
    That’s exactly the point.

    And hence also it makes almost no sense to follow such traders, except these are longerterm trades. Something that might happen sometimes or not.

    Accordingly for the average investor Gary’s way is the way to go.

    Just that sometimes i don’t agree with this or that …

    gl & gt

  19. DG

    Yes, Hammy, so out of respect for the blog, please be careful about what you post. It would be a shame for newer people to get shaken by what you write, lose a position, and miss the PM bull.

  20. T.J. Rand

    Interesting that on the Libyan cease fire news, oil fell $3/3% and Gold barely budged. The dollar didn’t move either. Solidified in my mind that gold is not an inflation play, but is purely traveling opposite the $ – at least right now.

    Basically what Gary’s been saying, but I tend to fall into the ‘trust but verify’ camp.

  21. n1tro

    whats important is there is no crying today about the financial world ending with Libya and Japan incidents dying down. Now everyone who sold off last week holding their precious cash has to figure what to do with it. πŸ™‚

  22. Otis

    Good morning to everyone!

    Differing opinions make this board interesting to read, but I agree that Hammy should qualify many of his statements as seemingly no one can follow his trades or leverage levels in real time. Hammy, thank you for qualifying many of your recent posts with warnings that you may not follow your own advice and warning the member not to follow your trades.

  23. Shalom Bernanke

    Next time we get a sharp gap lower in metals, I’d like to take advantage and snag some AGQ from weak hands way below the market.

    It was down 3x SLV on the open the other day! Won’t let that opportunity slip by again.

  24. Shalom Bernanke

    Market orders in AGQ were getting filled 10-12 pts below fair value. Those long AGQ should remember that when it comes time to exit. AGQ must be sold into up (or flat) market.

  25. The Angry Hippie

    First time I read Gary’s column was “Golden Fireworks”. I got so pumped on gold and could tell this guy knew what he was talking about, I bought GLD before finishing the article. The punch line: Go long silver, not gold. Picked up AGQ yesterday and am enjoying the rally. Thanks, Gary. Might even be able to afford a yearly sub after today. πŸ™‚

  26. Shalom Bernanke

    My positions are based on total risk per position, based on the average volatility (average true range), on the weekly charts.

    The reason my stops are somewhat below those levels is that I have unrealized profits, and have not moved my stops up as yet.

    For example, I own 1.5x shares SVM for every one share SIL.

  27. Poly

    Good call WES.

    Playing the bullion, leveraged, takes so much of the headache and worry out of it, IMO. The bullion is outperforming and there is too much risk associated with a possible equities collapse.
    I’m not 100% certain, but during the past couple of C-Wave tops, you also had a roaring stock market.

  28. Shalom Bernanke

    Sizing my positions this way also means I have not been 100% invested, as my focus is on overall risk if everything gets stopped out, not how much I can buy.

  29. I've Eaten Silver


    The SoS for big name equities is getting substantial. It looks like the market isn’t going to go higher for an extended period of time, but reverse or stagnate over the next few months because of high oil.

    If the markets are neat a top what is your outlook for SIL in the coming months if the markets are in decline?

    SLV is about 4% from its all time high. SIL is around 17% from it’s all time high! I’m leaning towards it being a bargain but could be wrong. I remember hearing that in the 80s the miners increased 30-40x the increase in the metals. Do you see this happening again, and if so, do you think that most of these unbelievable miner gains won’t be seen until the final bull end?

    In November or so SIL topped out AFTER silver topped out, I do expect this to happen again at the end of this C-wave. Do you as well?

    Thank You.

  30. Edwin

    as mentioned, those miners and basket etf ie. gdx are leveraged to the metal, get a bit dragged with the main market which is trading downward.. (they are more volatile too)

    big money is slowly exiting equities and selling on up days. they are buying bonds.

    buy the precious metals for true stock market (equity) divergence at the moment.

    my read silver is overbought, gold neutral, and platinum over sold

  31. Gary

    I don’t see it?

    Folks just be patient with your miners. Ultimately they will follow the price of gold and silver. It’s only during a selling climax that the market has any effect on miners and once the selling pressure is removed they bounce back quickly.

    The only reason they got hit hard this time was because gold was moving down into a daily cycle low at the same time stocks got hit with a selling climax due to events in Japan.

  32. Shalom Bernanke

    I’m outta here for the day, maybe pop in later to take a peek. Good luck everybody.

    Phenomenal call on the USD, Gary. As much as our nature pushes us to think it’s overdone, it continues lower.

  33. Avann

    Gary … here it is again …
    He draws a comparison between this earthquake and the one in 1989 that hit Tokyo.
    Basically, all the money needed to rebuild back then was pulled from North American markets and sent back to Japan. This had the effect of hitting NA markets hard … he doesn’t say but I assume metals as well … and propping up the Japanese markets. Any money that went back to Japan and wasn’t required immediately was put to work in Japanese equities.
    This effect did not occur until 2-3 weeks after the 1989 earthquake … it took them that long to assess the costs to rebuild.
    His point is that this will happen again.

  34. Gary

    Well I don’t know how much money Japan has invested in the US but I think a new bear market has probably begun, but it has nothing to do with the earthquake or money going back to Japan.

  35. Aaron

    I really dont know how Gartman has any subscribers who actually pay for that crap. His market timing on gold has been horrific.

  36. MrMiyagi

    Go back and read yesterday’s doom-and-gloom post folks, not just on this board but kitco’s as well.
    The sentiment trade is quite powerful.

  37. chrisb

    I bougt some SIL july 27 calls yesterday. SIL is up 3.36% today, but no volume yet on the calls. Rather disappointing! I would have thought there would be good volume by now. looks like I should stick with SLV, SLW and and AGQ.

  38. Avann

    Indeed what a total A-Hole … he retracted that whole comaprison saying that the 1989 earthquake did not ACTUALLY happen.
    He seriously made it sound like it actually happened.

  39. Avann

    WOW … talk about having to do your own DD … I would never have expected to actually question whether or not an earthquake actually happened! But something seemed fishy so I started googling it and nothing came up … then 30 minutes later we get a retract from him. Again what an A-HOLE!

  40. Poly

    Don’t buy options on SIL, there is NO volume and the spread is horrendous. You ever want to get out in a panic you will find NO bids.

  41. Ryan


    I think I slept a wee bit better last night. I was watching the over night session but didn’t want to get myself excited. I already mentally prepared myself if we open lower or we gap up and then drop. Looking pretty good so far, so let the train accelerate!

  42. Avann

    Romeo … I went back and read, re-read and read again … there is no question about it … he made it sound like this scenario actually happened when in fact it was a “WHAT IF” scenario proposed my someone else back in 1989.
    Bottom line … enough people were fooled that he had to send out a clarification.

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