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  1. TrendTraderBH

    I don’t know what the portfolio change is….but I’m in for a starter position (15% of portfolio) on DGP (51.10) and SLV (28.45)…will add more once I see the portfolio change.

  2. Sharpe Trader

    “Your site is down or overwhelmed. I can’t pull it up. Can you post it to the blog?”

    Same here. I’ve been waiting to get in for several minutes with no luck.

  3. Shalom Bernanke


    Being people are trying to follow you in real time, perhaps it’s best to just post this trade here on the blog today?

    Just a suggestion, as I’m sitting tight with what I have and unlikely to add as my accounts went into the red again this week.

    Good luck!

  4. TZ(8155)


    >Gurvir is working on it now. I told him to add more the last time but maybe it still wasn’t enough.

    It is likely not the bandwidth. It is the code that generates each page on the fly. Your pages are not cached, every request queries the database for all current commments and then generates a page with your writing and then the comments under it.

    If a new person posts 1 second later, the code generates a new page with that extra comment when a person retrieves it.

    The solutions would be either:
    1) Put your writings on ONE page that is static. Put comments on a second link/page where the code actively shows the comments.

    2) Compile or otherwise accellerate the code that creates each page. You are probably using a scripting language and there are a few methods of accellerating most such codes. One way would be for the comments (and the entire page) to only update every 2-5min instead of whenever a new post comes in).

    3) Switch to a different blog system which caches the pages better or runs faster code.

    3a) EASY: TURN OFF IMAGES…That big mountain image uses a LOT of bandwidth. If you just serve pages instead it helps. Takes the load off the entire system to just process text.

    4) Just use DISQUS for your comments which shifts the load to their system but keeps your pages

  5. Poly

    Volume on the 1 min is high into this last puke, so we are VERY close to that DCL.
    Not worth catching it though you know what you’re doing or you’re very aggressive like WW πŸ™‚ anything could happen.

  6. EricH

    Will have to see over the next 2-3 days if it can recapture the 200 dma. This is the strongest bull market over the past 4 years and i can’t see how it would slice through the 200 dma on it’s first try.

    The rubber band is a bit stretched and a mean reversion play ‘might’ be at hand.

  7. TZ(8155)


    Let me expand on one of my suggestions for the site.

    Most sites use use automated code to create a page. Yours has automated code that shows your post and then all CURRENT comments below it.

    This code runs FULLY each and EVERY time a person hits your site.

    One great speed up is for a process to run this code ONCE every MINUTE (or TWO) and then dump the resulting STATIC page into the webserver directory.

    Then, all requests coming in for the current update will get served this single static page by the webserver…over and over again…hundreds of times a minute. Never causing any code to run or database query, etc.

    The webserver keeps serving this same FIXED page until the OTHER CODE (1 or 2 minutes later) runs AGAIN, creates a new static page (with all the current comments that came in in the last 1-2 min) and then dumps this new static page into the webserver directory.

    The the webserver dishes that out for 1-2 min.

    SO..if you send out 200 pages in 1 minute, the difference is either:
    1) the entire page code runs 200 times to query your comment database, construct a page,and then send it out…when each one of those pages is likely to be IDENTICAL (or off by 1 or two comments).

    2) the page code runs ONCE and then 200 of the same copies are sent out for the next min before the code runs again.

    200:1 improvement. no signficant change to the result other than comments possibly taking on average 30 seconds to show up.

    Google does this for example, note that when you post here at the top is says “your commment will appear briefly”. Same thing.

  8. TZ(8155)

    Of course most of your posts are not critical to within 10 min (i think everybody can get on now), but one day it might be.

    (And also even if they arent’ clearly subscribers panic cause they dont’ know.)

  9. Frank

    Damn, didn’t fill my second position of GDX calls. This is the first time since Feb 2010 that I am buying GDX calls. Take that indicator if you think it is worth anything.

  10. coolkevs

    DeMark update from Kevin Depew’s twitter feed @kevindepew
    Euro WEEKLY TDST Down level support is at 1.2867. WEEKLY on Bar 6 down of a BUY setup. To qualify a break of 1.2867, we need an up weekly close, followed by a down weekly close below that level, then a down open. As we are on a down week, the 1.2867 level cannot be qualified for at least 3 weeks now.
    German DAX DAILY on bar 7 down of potential TD Buy Setup 9.
    SP pit – disqualified TD Prop Down momentum in at 1212.30. As the last three days now have been down closes, this cannot be qualified. We need an up close, so the earliest this could be qualified is on Monday.
    We still need a SP high > 1267.20 for the DAILY TD Sequential Sell signal to record on SP. MONTHLY requires a high above 1327. Nasdaq already recorded this MONTHLY SELL signal in April, so we are over half way through that one.
    Depew points out that the Russell (RTY) is most interesting and bullish of the major indices from a DeMark point of view. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get a high exceeding 752.71 to confirm last week’s bullish price flip.
    AAPL having a good reaction to its DAILY SELL setup so far. NEM not so much to its BUY signal – sorry gold bugs!
    Mclellan oscillator on thinkorswim is getting crazy low again, -180 as I type. It went as low as -320 closing basis on November 25, so could have more room to fall. But with Cramer touting DefCon 2 last night and performance chasers trying to break even for the year, we might just get a 0% return in stocks this year. That sure doesn’t help those pension funds…

  11. Ben

    z, all good suggestions. The comments, imo, should be on a link off to the side at all times, the login page should be spartan. Even people who aren’t members can get the comment feed to load (redacted) but nevertheless taking up a lot of bandwidth. imo all the content should be on a page loaded only after logging in which drastically reduces the bandwidth. Generally a photo will be cached by the browser and loaded just the first time, so long as it’s URL is unchanged.

  12. EricH

    This snap back should be fast and furious over the next 4-5 trading days.

    If you pull up the daily chart on GLD. Every time GLD is a FULL candlestick bar below the BB band, it has always been a good risk/reward trade to go long. The action might look scary and breathtaking but on a risk/reward scale, it doesn’t get any better than this for those looking to play long.

  13. TZ(8155)

    I’m about 1.25x.

    Can’t get anymore with my stop and be within my risk parameters. Risking about 2% on this trade.

    THIS SHOULD HOLD HERE AND NOW if gold isnt going to break below 1535 (by my system and studies and such).

  14. William Wallace

    This is why I always say never trust price levels (like $1600), once a major moving average is breached it just accelerates the decline to the next major moving average. I prepared everyone for this for months.

  15. TZ(8155)

    I think the low is happening right around here at 1570. When i think the low is in I will move up my stop to the low and attempt to increase position higher.

  16. Ryan

    at ease,
    Ouch, it’s definitely a blood bath. This got uncomfortable really fast. I guess good news is that the 1535 range is that much close lol. Someone bring me a puke bucket.

  17. ...at ease

    Are we having to use “word verifications” to post here or is it just me? Wondering as I changed networks / countries overnight and this is new for me.

  18. Greenspansconscience

    Scary part is the general stock market oscillators (RSI, stochs) are not even close to being in strongly oversold terrotory. GDX’s isn’t at panic levels yet either.

    One scenario i think is possible is a quick and likely very scary intraweek trip down below 490 on the HUI. That 490 level has held up like a champ on the weekly chart. If we close below there on the weekly, I think this will turn into 2008 redux. Mike Maloney’s thesis is lookingore and more likely each day–hyperdeflation followed by hyperinflation when they go apesh!t with the printing presses.

    All that being said, gold itself is due for a decent ST bounce. Stochs are ridiculously oversold.

  19. ...at ease

    So 1570 or 1535, which will it be??? hmmm πŸ™‚
    Maybe I can make some from that point if it turns back up.

    Ryan… LOL nothing like holding through an intermediate low. πŸ™‚

  20. William Wallace


    Im actually adding on the way down, but will load the boat on a swing low on a daily because I believe as I said earlier that if gold lost the 200dma we would see an intermediate bottom shortly.

  21. Danno

    It’s time like this when traders wonder if maybe they should be doing something more productive with their lives. There are 1,000 different ways to become a multimillionaire. None of the multimillionaires I have known personally made their money trading stocks. So there is hope beyond this silliness we are involved in. The first female billionaire in China made her money by shipping used cardboard from the USA back to China and recycling it.

  22. EricH

    Picked up a few more Feb gold at 1570…

    Feels like the world is coming to an end. GDX back above 52.

    Folks, relax we’ve been or seen this many times. Buying fear has worked quite well over the past decade in this sector.

  23. EricH

    “It’s time like this when traders wonder if maybe they should be doing something more productive with their lives. There are 1,000 different ways to become a multimillionaire. None of the multimillionaires I have known personally made their money trading stocks. “

    Some truth to this.
    But all those hedge funds, fund managers, W. Buffet, G. Soros, Jim Rogers and even Gary can dispute this.

  24. sophia


    DJ Boehner Reflects On Summer Golf Victory With Obama
    By Kristina Peterson
    WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–One day after commandeering the finicky House’s approval of a year-end legislative package, House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) reminisced about another of this year’s tense moments: his highly-watched summer golf outing with President Barack Obama.

    In his telling, Boehner was the picture of calm as he met on the links in June with the president, Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich at the height of the summer’s congressional feud over raising the country’s debt limit.

    “The president called and invited me to play golf and I gave a lot of thought to who I was going to bring,” before deciding on Kasich, Boehner recalled Wednesday at a Politico breakfast. Kasich quickly descended into a ball of nerves, “sitting in the car, jumping around,” Boehner said. “I said ‘Kasich, calm down–they’re going to be more nervous than we are,'” Boehner said, reassuring the governor that Biden would have been out on the Andrews Air Force Base golf course for an hour, hitting balls in preparation for the Republican golfing duo. Sure enough, Biden appeared in a shirt that was “sopping wet,” Boehner chuckled.

  25. Gary

    I wanted to test the site and see if the changes Gurvir made this morning were sufficient to handle a spike in traffic. Obviously they weren’t so the next step is to purchase more bandwidth.

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