319 thoughts on “STOPS HAVE BEEN UPDATED

  1. Jarek

    Gary – don’t you think that there is big possiblity that DCL for dollar will came just before or just after BIG NEWS i mean 9th december when EU guys HAVE TO show “solution” for EU crisis ?

    last DCL was made because of same kind of “last hope” EU leaders meeting

    could this cycle be so strechted ?

  2. Gary

    It only happened yesterday. One day doesn’t seem like a significant resistance level to me. If it had tried multiple days to close above that level and failed then I might take notice.

  3. Russell

    I’m looking forward to the Gold to Silver ratio going to 30. I’m probably too impatient for something in the post-parabolic collapse time that isn’t going to happen soon.

  4. James

    Nothing has been resolved yet.The bears need to pounce on the market hard and fast if they are to prove that hyperinflation is not the chose remedy to the crisis. God help us.

  5. sophia


    I am confused…Last week, we were talking about the dollar putting a swing high, and now, 7 days later, we are calling an intermediate bottom??

  6. Aaron

    33.50 provided good support when silver was being beaten down a month ago… and now its simply providing the good resistance…as it should.

  7. Gary

    $33.50 has acted as support quite a few times but only as resistance once, briefly, in Oct.and yesterday and maybe today.

  8. Gary

    Who said anything about an intermediate bottom? You either need to slow down and read the nightly reports more carefully, or you need to buy a subscription.

  9. James

    But Gary if the usd index doesn’t stop falling right here we have a very strong double top and a sign that hyperinflation might be coming. Ithink that’s very unlikely.

  10. sophia

    Gary wrote…
    Because the dollar is getting deep in timing band for a cycle low and any rally will likely pressure all asset markets, at least to some degree, ….

    by your updating of the stops, you seem to envision a sharper correction than just a normal cycle low on the $, so I am wondering, since you are very accurate in sensing danger, if you see more than a cycle low, and maybe a intermediate low…
    I said IL, because I read a lot of blogs comments before sending you my comment and I retained that one…sorry

  11. Russell

    Good movement IMO for silver would be to have silver go up even when gold is neutral. If we return to a ratio of 30, Silver should be $58 based on gold at $1750. Unfortunately, too many have bad memories of silver and it’s parabolic collapse.

  12. Danno

    A double top is not actually confirmed until price breaks below the bottom of the valley between the peaks. It looks like a double top. It smells like a double top. But it’s not a confirmed double top yet. In other words, price can continue to fall only to bounce right around the valley floor (or fall slightly below the valley floor). If price does not continue to fall below the valley floor then we have a failed double top or at the very least a double top that did not resolved downward strongly. The dollar can sell off here wickedly to say, 74, and yet still have plenty of room to rally back to 85 and beyond. So no hyperinflation (just yet) even if there is a dollar sell off short term. FWIW.

  13. James

    Danno, I agree but having come off a 3-year low so weakly, the usd index can’t endure much more damage. We need a cup and handle pattern right now.

  14. Danno

    Looking at a 10 year dollar chart I really don’t see that much weakness. I’m seeing consolidation. And just this morning Merkel said it will take years to fix the EU mess. So the dollar may not be dead just yet, even if it takes a nose dive to 74 short term. I see the EU ‘crisis’ possibly ramping up in Q1 of next year. But who knows. Just guessing at the tea leaves. Whatever Gary says I would listen to.

  15. St. Deluise

    gonna try a SPY short here at the vwap, 1257.

    not that bearish long term but some sharp buy divergence in risk beginning yesterday. 10 year’s caught a nice bid as well.

  16. Danno

    St. Deluise,
    Please be careful. $SPX MACD signal line is crossing over the center line. That is a BUY signal for many traders.

  17. sophia


    Just had a look at the charts following your explanations, and it is indeed very clear! Thank you so much for your time…
    Going to pick up my kids from school, have a wonderful w/e!!

  18. sophia

    One last one,

    sold my 2 contrats Gold bought at 1688, at 1755…Still long a bit, but cashing in some now for the w/e
    Thanks Gary for all your help!

  19. Aaron

    33.50 proved to be a tad much for silver to overcome, if the dollar has indeed bottomed, then this may have to be put on hold for a week or two…depending on how the USD decides to act. Being RT, I dont see how the USD doesnt move above the previous cycles high.

  20. ver


    Good call on an imminent dollar bottom, I was with you on this one.

    Gold has stayed quite steady in the face of the dollar making a move out of its low while both silver and miners are reversing. Why not short miners in the event gold decouples and starts following the dollar?

    Obviously you are expecting a drop in gold but from your experience, is this “delay” in gold following miners/silver down typical or is there anything more to read into it?

  21. ver

    Other way to read the relative strength in stocks and gold is that this dollar rally is a headfake / gap fill. Time will tell…

  22. William Wallace


    My view of miners are that they always anticipate Gold’s moves ahead of time, when miners believe gold is going to $2000 we seen them make a new high, when they believe gold is going to $1500 we seen them make a new low…I believe miners are anticipating Gold testing the 150dma again. And as you know I have been bullish the dollar, which just made a swing low. Lets see what happens.

  23. Danno

    Very defined flags in UUP 5min and 10min charts. Appear to be resolving to the upside. Closed UUP shorts. Better safe than sorry.

  24. jhnewman

    I think the odds are pretty high that this morning’s intraday high for gold was THE high for this daily cycle, and that we’ll now be rolling over into an extreme left-translated and long daily cycle.

    On the spot gold chart, this morning’s intraday high was pretty much an exact touch of the big trendline down from 1922 to 1803 to today’s high.

    Looking at the Bigger Picture, I think we’re definitely still in the D-wave. Gold is going to roll over, and decline in a long daily cycle ( 30 – 35 days). By the end of this daily cycle, gold will bottom in its D-wave somewhere south of 1500.

    I’ve been tracking this scenario closely for about 8 weeks now. I’ll put up a post this weekend on why I believe this is the case.

    In the meantime: good luck to everyone.

    Gotta run!

    (P.S. This morning’s big disconnect between miners and gold also makes me believe today’s high in gold might’ve been the high for this daily cycle. At one point, GDX was -2.45% while GLD was +.25% and SPX was also green. Miners typically lead gold. Just another possible clue, IMO.)

  25. ver

    I posted this on the premium site:
    . . .
    Keep in mind that we just saw a 7% up day for miners while gold struggled to gain 2%. We’re just seeing this re-balance, and on a weekly basis the HUI is up ~8% while gold is up ~4%. This 2:1 relationship really hasn’t changed, for the better or worse.
    . . .
    I just don’t think we should read much into the miners, especially considering this week’s action. That said, I do think there is a good chance gold put in a cycle top, or won’t go much higher from here before rolling over but that’s more a function of dollar strength and the stock market rally flaming out at the 200-day SMA (again).

  26. Gary

    Folks you might want to consider whether or not you are trading or gambling.

    There are times where the correct strategy is just to sit in cash and wait. If you find that you are compelled to trade every day then you probably have a gambling problem.

  27. ckpc

    Good call on the stops, Gary.
    Thankfully, I lightened up a little yesterday also.

    Don’t think I’ll be doing any more trading until next year so I can enjoy the holidays without stress.
    (plus, I’m going to Paris!)

    Gary, you did a fantastic job of shepherding us through these past few weeks. Thank you. You rock!

    WW, good luck with your shorts. It was your contrarian viewpoint that led me to exit some shares yesterday. So thanks to you also for advising caution.

    Good luck to all, and have the very best holidays ever!

  28. William Wallace


    Many of us make a successful living day trading, its an insult to say we have a gambling problem. I have been day trading since 1999 and never had a gambling problem in my life.

  29. Gary

    If you think you have an edge every single day then you are probably deluding yourself. You probably have a gambling addiction.

    If on the other hand you have a mechanical system that triggers setups almost every day on an intraday basis then you are just trading your system.

    Most people that feel compelled to trade every single day are just substituting the stock market for a casino.

  30. Gary

    I would also argue that very few people make any money day trading. Probably 99% of traders that try end up losing money. It is by far the toughest way to make money in what is undoubtedly one of the toughest businesses in the world.

    If one really wants to stack the odds against themselves just take up day trading.

  31. muttonfish

    WW, he didn’t say all day traders are gamblers. He said there’s trading and there’s gambling, and if you feel compelled to be in a trade all the time, it’s probably gambling. I’ve day traded for 11 years and there are plenty of days when I don’t see an edge and don’t take a trade.

  32. William Wallace


    Let me say this, I feel compelled to be in a trade everyday, because I make money everyday, even if I make $100 a day its profit. Its a job, not an addiction. Im not a gambler, never been, never will be.

  33. Gary

    I would also point out that the vast majority of day traders who claim to be successful are no different than the degenerate gambler that claims to make money gambling.

    You only hear about the Royal that paid out $5000. They never bother to tell you that it cost them $20,000 to win that $4000.

  34. Gary

    William Wallace,
    Nobody in the history of the world has ever made money every day. If one can make money 55-60% of the time they are doing great.

  35. muttonfish

    That’s not what he meant. Don’t be so sensitive! It’s not all about you. What Gary said is true, there’s a fine line between gambling and day trading, and the vast majority step over it. It doesn’t matter how successful you personally are as a day trader (or your friends), that doesn’t change the fact that many day traders have a gambling problem. To say that isn’t so just because you don’t have one, that’s a logical fallacy.

  36. William Wallace


    I think Gary can speak for himself, why are you interpreting to me what he said? I know what he said…but just in case I didnt I said that I apologize if I misunderstood him.

  37. William Wallace


    Did you miss this?


    I agree that to many the market is a casino, but dont blanket statement day traders, its just nonsense.”

    December 2, 2011 12:07 PM

  38. muttonfish


    Did you miss this? “Gary didn’t say all day traders are gamblers.”

    The vast majority of day traders fail. Many have a gambling problem. That’s an empirical fact. If you are insulted by that fact just because you are a day trader, I can’t help you.

  39. Russell

    Definition of gambling:
    An act of gambling; an enterprise undertaken or attempted with a risk of loss and a chance of profit or success.
    Sounds like what we do with every trade.

  40. William Wallace


    But we do it using cycles and sentiment so it dont count. πŸ™‚

    Maybe we should figure out how we can apply cycles and sentiment to the casino’s.

    You win some, you lose some…its all the same.

  41. St. Deluise

    just went long a roll of scratcher tickets

    kidding.. but did just get a system sell in ES, target 1225.25 stop 1261.

    i’ll hold my current short here (from 1257) and add into any strength monday morning. the overnight moves have been a little… well, dramatic… lately so i’m not that keen on holding large anything over the weekend.

  42. Danno

    US economy showing signs of improvement. Oil up.

    World running out of easy to pump oil. Oil up.

    Iran going to be attacked sooner or later. Oil up.

  43. riley

    Thanks WW for posting short.
    Not with you on this one, will remain flat until sunday. Only daytrade when I can watch all day. I use 1-3% of trading money to day trade(swing trade). I’m with S.B. it’s about risk allocation. Never had losing yr with that allocation but many a losing month. But in Gary’s defense more profitable with my long term holds(gold stocks since 2002)

    For what it’s worth, have a friend who retired at 50, he was a bookie, that’s form of daytrading I think. Had some well placed clients too, sort of like a small goldman sachs. He laughed cause I never messed with his casino, but took him on the golf course because I knew my risk parameters.

  44. Gary

    On the contrary, gambling is pure luck. Trading/investing should only be done when one has an edge.

    If one is taking day trades based on a guess or gut feeling, then they are gambling.

    If one is day trading based on a proven and back tested system then you have an edge.

  45. William Wallace

    “If one is taking day trades based on a guess or gut feeling, then they are gambling.

    If one is day trading based on a proven and back tested system then you have an edge.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Though I personally never knew anyone who just traded on guesses or gut feelings, but im sure they are out there.

  46. Stoker


    Would you onsider professional Poker players gamblers? I would.

    There is very little luck involved in what they do. The best are consistantly profitable.

  47. William Wallace


    You yourself do a whole lot of “guessing” in this business….you constantly say “if I had to guess, I would say this DC or this IC is going to playout this way or that way” πŸ™‚

  48. Gary

    But I only trade in real time and only when I have an edge.

    How many people have gotten in trouble trading on my expectations instead of following the model portfolio?

  49. William Wallace


    Good to hear from you, been wondering where ya been. I agree 99%, I dont think we will see gold south of $1500 though, all D-waves typically find a bottom on the 300dma (at $1527 now). The C-wave lower trendline is slightly above the 300 also.

  50. sasquatmd


    I’ve added the 75,150,300sma on my TOS chart… any other important ones i should add? I’m not a day trader or anything, just want to watch what you guys are watching. I always learn something new from your posts, so thank you!

  51. Bill

    Sorry if a repeat, but it sure is curious that the $HUI fell 3% whereas $GOLD, $SILVER and $SPX were nearly flat for Friday. I know that some day that the $HUI leads gold, and also that the $HUI follows the $SPX, but that’s not always so. Like Friday. Very odd to see this.

  52. Bill

    Last post …

    I play a bit of chess, and when the opponent pulls their queen back, watch out, as it’s like cocking a gun before the spring forward bringing sure pain. So it makes me think that the $HUI dropping back is a springboard to launch it forward, even though charts don’t show it oversold.

  53. TZ(8155)

    Well…happy to see you guys back to cash with me (although I have core insurance positions). I missed the pop earlier as I said and didn’t chase gold.

    Good job on taking some profits.

    When each of you have time I suggest watching this over the weekend. It covers rather large and important obstacles the world and its economies (and financial system) are going to face. Really good guy. Really great speaker:


  54. Gary

    I would say the HUI is probably telegraphing a move down in the metals as the dollar rallies. It was probably exacerbated by the large gap below.

  55. john

    As I was reading your debate with Gary/Mutton, I though that maybe you came up with your handle based on the Braveheart scene: “Hold, Hold!, Hold!”, before they deployed the long spears. As I day trader, I often play that scene in my head as I seek only the best set-ups.

  56. SF Giants Fan


    Could you imaging trying to follow ” fast trader” ? Subs cell phones would be going off all day with “portfolio change” about 8 to 10 times a day. Great for generating commissions but some of us still have 9 to 5 jobs.

    Thanks for the > 25% in this frigging crazy market.

  57. Beksachi


    Regarding the video link, Chris Martinsen’s message may be right in the long long term but just beware in March 2011 after the Japan Earthquake, he went on all RED alert predicting global “hell in a handbasket” any moment due to supply chain disruptions etc etc, world GDP contractions.

    Nothing dramatic ever happened so far.

    We seem to be still on the slow painful road to hell but certainly not due any after effects of Japan earthquake.

  58. Stoker

    Clarkatroid – yeah thats about what i thought. You can actually calculate risk/reward ratios per hand so it feels much much more like trading than gambling.

  59. Bill

    Here’s what my pea brain thinks after a fast and furious ride on my bike:

    As we know, gold is in a triangle consolidation pattern, and silver is bear flagging on the weekly. I think that these 2 are about to bust out of their consolidation patterns. Why? Call it QE3 (the world’s CB’s are now officially printing, as a policy, in unison, as of last week).

    I have no idea where the S&P nor the HUI will go – up or down I don’t know – but I think that gold and silver will both rise steady and far from here. COT is also unbelievably low. And seasonality is still here. It’s only early Dec. I say we rally until March.

    I no longer watch the USD as a sign on gold, as I think the time has come that gold is it’s own entity. The USD and the Euro will dance yin-yang style irrespective of gold and silver, the former pair down the drain, and the latter pair up to who knows how far.

    I’m 100% in cash now, but will look for signs to buy. If we go lower and turn w/out making a lower low, that would be very bullish.

  60. Bill

    One more thing on the $USD (which again I don’t care about now, as a sign for gold). Although Friday looks like a reversal candle, the MACD (I use PPO) – which is an indicator of MOMENTUM – is hooking over and about to give a sell signal. So Friday’s candle means nothing to me as it’s only 1 day – the momentum has slowed and is about to go down. It might to up, but it’d be a divergent high I bet.

    I hope it does go up a bit, so that gold will go down a bit, and then I get in gold.

  61. Bill

    One more last babble if I may …

    If the global CB’s are buying stocks as they apparently did last Mon/Tues, then they are surely NOT DONE yet. I see Thur/Fri’s action in the S&P as merely the foot off the gas. It will be back on the gas again whenever they want. They are not done yet.

  62. ver

    I’m surprised that we’re expecting to learn anything from the move down in miners on Friday. I think the reality is a lot simpler and less exciting: the HUI made an epic 7% move on a day that gold barely moved 2%, then it got extremely stretched above the 10-day SMA and retraced 50% of the move two days later. This whipping back and forth around the 10-day while gold grinds away is classic HUI behavior.

    Taking a step back, the HUI still ended the week up 6.99% while gold ended up 3.87%, continuing the trend of magnifying gold’s move by ~2x. This relationship has held steady throughout this intermediate cycle, and is easiest to see in a relative performance chart of GDX vs. a 2x leveraged gold ETF like UGL starting from the beginning of October when miners botomed: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=GDX:UGL&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p17125340624.

    Has anyone seen data or backtested the “miners bottom/top ahead of gold” hypothesis? I know we’ve seen enough instances anecdotally where this seems to be the case, but given how volatile the HUI is relative to gold and it’s tighter coupling to the stock market, I wonder if it’s just plain random (for example, miners bottomed before gold’s July ICL but after gold’s September ICL).

    Just a few thoughts. Have a great weekend everybody!

  63. Gary

    I’m pretty sure all markets, including gold, are waiting to see if the dollar can break through that double top. If it does then the stock market has probably seen it’s last test of the 200 DMA and gold probably has high odds of grinding down into a B-wave bottom sometime in the early spring.

  64. Wav_ridah

    GDX has formed a triangle on the charts. The gap is near the lower trendline. I’m leaning bullish meaning the USD double top needs to hold.

  65. Gary

    The stock market formed a triangle too. We know how that worked out. Best just to wait and see what the dollar does than put your faith in lines on a chart.

    I think it’s pretty unlikely gold will be able to generate another big move for a while even if the dollar does sink. The kind of rally gold produced from 09 till recently is going to have to consolidate for several months to a year before another big leg up. Gold might test $1900 but I doubt we will see any big moves above that level for quite a while.

  66. Veronica

    BBPoint, My system has not established a stop yet.I will check again at gold open but I’m having some software issues right now so can’t make any promises.

  67. Haggerty

    Guys, I was thinking about stepping up my game to an Imac…computer is old and when I have the stocks up it really sounds like the computer is laboring. I was looking at the refurbished ones….they are a little cheaper. Any thoughts?

  68. Gary

    You are talking to the wrong person about technical stuff and computers. I’m just proficient enough to get out the nightly reports and that’s about it.

  69. Driver


    The reason I went from a Mac to a PC many years ago was because a Mac didn’t have the stock market software that the PC developers offered. Maybe now is different.

  70. Danno

    Windows 7 PCs are cheap and nearly problem free. XP Pro was a huge leap forward and Windows 7 is nearly flawless. You don’t need a MAC unless that’s what you really want. Speed is no longer a concern with computers unless you play video games (then you need a dedicated video card as opposed to just plugging your monitor into the mother board video port).

    Whatever you decide you should not have to spend much money. Even a new laptop under $500 from Staples will work great. You can plug a widescreen monitor into it, as well as a full sized keyboard and mouse, plus throw the laptop into your car and take it to Starbucks or the library or on vacation or whatever.

    The only reason you might want to spend over $500 on a new computer is if you want multiple monitors for day trading so that you can watch multiple real time charts simultaneously.

  71. catbird


    Go with a Mac. I love mine. Still runs as smoothly as it did in July 2008. The Apple build quality is so solid.

    And should you have a problem or question, I have found the Apple Store tech people to be great.

    Yeah, I’ve used Windows 7. Vastly better than Win XP…but the comparison that matters for you is Win 7 vs. Mac OS X. Apple is still the leader in the OS wars. And if there’s a Windows program you just half to run, you can buy a program from VM Ware called “Fusion.” It runs Windows on your Mac. Simple.

    These days, the computer is the most important piece of electronic equipment most of us own. It’s certainly important enough to pay a premium for.

  72. jhnewman

    William Wallace said…


    Good to hear from you, been wondering where ya been. I agree 99%, I dont think we will see gold south of $1500 though, all D-waves typically find a bottom on the 300dma (at $1527 now). The C-wave lower trendline is slightly above the 300 also.

    December 2, 2011 2:33 PM


    Thanks. I hope you and everyone in here are doing very well.

    I’ve been running on a bunch of different things.

    And thanks for the tip on D-waves. I’ll try to check it out.

    All the best!

  73. jhnewman

    catbird said…

    Go with a Mac. I love mine. Still runs as smoothly as it did in July 2008. The Apple build quality is so solid.

    And should you have a problem or question, I have found the Apple Store tech people to be great.

    Yeah, I’ve used Windows 7. Vastly better than Win XP…but the comparison that matters for you is Win 7 vs. Mac OS X. Apple is still the leader in the OS wars. And if there’s a Windows program you just half to run, you can buy a program from VM Ware called “Fusion.” It runs Windows on your Mac. Simple.

    These days, the computer is the most important piece of electronic equipment most of us own. It’s certainly important enough to pay a premium for.

    December 4, 2011 3:44 PM


    I agree with catbird. All Macs here, and their “bug freeness” and reliability are simply beautiful.

    I had Tradestation on Mac (and will be getting it again shortly here), and did it by using the Fusion program he talked about. Never had a problem and it worked like a charm.

  74. Big Money J


    Windows 7 is SOLID. I’m currently running Windows 7 on a Pentium 4 with only a gig of ram (2003 hardware). That in itself should speak volumes.

    If you want to overpay for computer hardware, buy Apple.

    If you want the best bang for your buck, buy an Intel quad core Sandy Bridge from Dell or HP. Toss in a 60GB solid state drive to use as a boot drive and you’ll have a computer that will last you for many years to come.

  75. TZ(8155)

    OK, guys. I found a free site that lets me do ratio charts for 10yrs and I updated the “HUI vs. Straight Metal” argument chart so you can see results of the last 6-9 months. Nothing has changed:


    This is simply a ratio of the $hui (GDX essentially) against “Straight Metal” as embodied by CEF which is roughly 50/50 gold and silver in a vault.

    I have drawn clear GENERAL lines on the chart showing that stocks won until 2004. Since 2004 the GENERAL TREND has been down and shows no sign of change yet as of last friday.

    To those of you who will start to argue again that “oh.. but GDX beat CEF during last wednesday from 11:52am until 1:34pm” or some similar statement I refer you to the words GENERAL above.

    I have no interest in arguing small periods of outperformance with anybody who can’t understand that such an argument is meaningless if they are only visible in hindsight and if the GENERAL trend maintains a downward trend. A GENERAL downward trend simply means that the ODDS of you getting it right are against you and I don’t play against the odds.

    Yes, at SOME point the stocks will outperform. I agree.

    But *for now* the trend on this chart is clear and if you want to GUESS when the trend will end instead of WAITING until the chart SHOWS you a change (and staying with metal until then), then be my guest. I will not be joining for now.

    (As a PS note, I would suggest that the ratio climbing to the clear resistance zone of 30+ would suggest the trend is changing.)

  76. TZ(8155)

    And note that the guessing about outperformance has been going on since…


    that’s a DARN long time to be getting it wrong for hopes of EVENTUALLY getting it right. Metal is already safer with much less risk, so if the stocks can even keep EVEN let alone outperform then what is the purpose of buying them unless you just like gambling on “I just *know* i’m gonna roll a 7 THIS time”.

    Just how I see it.
    I know we have had this argument before. Most already know and there is no need to discuss.

    I just wanted to update the chart and show people the current data.

  77. SF Giants Fan


    With the coin you’ve made here, treat yourself and buy a Mac. Its a superior product. While your at it, by an iPad 3G so you can keep up with Gary’s trades.

  78. TZ(8155)

    One of the takeaways of the various Chris Martenson and Kyle Bass interviews (among other info out there) is that while the US is a mess, we are much LESS of a mess than a few other countries which are up FIRST through the grinder.

    Therefore they are directly and indirectly arguing for a HIGHER dollar for at least a while until it is our turn at the disaster party.

    Bob Hoye and Ross Clark are predicting a continuing dollar rally as well.

    So all of this might help clear up the ongoing debate of “dollar up or down?” including comments by gary.

    It seems to be ‘dollar up’ for a while until focus comes to the US.

  79. Elaine


    We are a 5 mac and 3 pc household. Yep, we have a lot of computers. That said, I work mostly on a mac, but am forced to do some stuff on a pc.

    Whenever my husband’s pc crashes we get on the internet ON MY MAC and download the patches, repairs, virus software and then transfer it to a cd or flash drive for his pc.

    So, in my opinion, get a mac.


  80. Elaine


    Additionally, on the refurbs, if you buy them from Apple they come with a one year warranty. I have an i5, MacPro 15″ laptop that I bought as a refurb, it’s a really good computer. The iMacs are quite powerful, the 27″ is a beauty.

  81. RA


    Thanks for all the informative posts.

    The fly in the ointment for the “dollar up” scenario in the near term is the extreme bearish sentiment in the Euro. This could precipitate a strong euro rally in the near future.

  82. Haggerty

    The more and more I think about it, there is so many ways this thing can go,(Dollar,Gold,Market) I really believe being on the sidelines and waiting for a clearer picture, is the right move.

  83. Gary

    I don’t know why people continue to try and make cycles do something they aren’t designed to do. You just can’t pick tops with cycles. Anyone who claims to use cycles for spotting tops is just plain lying to you.

  84. St. Deluise

    adding to friday’s SPY short here around 1260, very close to system stop at 1266, target still 1222.

    buy volume basically at friday’s lows already, gap fill down seems probable.

  85. Shalom Bernanke

    I’m back from vacation and well rested. Sure enough the HUI isn’t too far from that 570 level I was hoping/expecting to see by the time I got back.

    I’m still long all my miners, and might even nibble on some more this week, raising my total portfolio risk a couple percentage points. Haven’t decided as yet.

    Happy trading! πŸ™‚

  86. Danno

    Reloaded dollar shorts. Odds favor dollar weakness either this week or next due to the fact that the EU is clearly going to drum up some good news shortly. Surely temporary, but enough to smack the dollar a bit or at least cap it for a while. This is my take FWIW. Playing the odds.

  87. St. Deluise

    also nota bene: on the radio this morning everyone saying stuff like “wellll! looks like ANOTHER huge day in store for us, maybe 100 DOW points or more!!”

    in terms of meaningless sentiment πŸ™‚

  88. Danno

    Once SPX gets rolling I rarely, if ever, short it. The irrational exuberance can simply get out of control at times and break every rule in the book.

  89. jhnewman

    Gold/silver/miners are going to be GOING DOWN BIG over the next 5 weeks or so, IMO. (I mentioned this in a short post on Friday.)

    My main evidence for saying this won’t be very satisfying to you though (and I apologize for that), because this prediction is mainly based on a proprietary indicator combination that I’ve developed. I’m happy to share the signals with everyone, but I hope you’ll understand if I don’t share the nitty-gritty details on what these indicators are, because they took me an INCREDIBLE amount of time to develop. (A lot of Edison-style experimenting.)

    Basically, I took 2 standard indicators and changed them in various ways, and then learned to use them together — in combination — in such a way that they show me Hidden Weakness or Hidden Strength in price.

    Hidden Weakness = “No matter what it looks like, this price rally is a fakeout of sorts, and price will be heading back to the downside”.

    And Hidden Strength is just the opposite: “No matter what it looks like, this price decline is a fakeout of sorts, and price will be heading back to the upside”.

    Of course, much of the time, these indicators are not throwing off signals. Much of the time they’re saying: “This price rally is for real” or “This price decline is for real”. They only sometimes show Hidden Weakness or Hidden Strength in price.

    To give you some basis for judging what I’m saying: I’ve only been using this indicator combination for about 9 months now. And I haven’t done extensive backtesting for them. In the 9 months I’ve been using them, they’ve been reliable, especially when they appear on the longer-term daily and weekly charts.

    Anyway, this indicator combination has been screaming Hidden Weakness in gold on the daily chart ever since the big 1533 low (all prices I use are spot gold) in September: “This rally in gold is a fakeout of sorts, and price will be heading back to the downside in a big way”. This signal and this Hidden Weakness pattern on the daily chart are very strong. Even as gold rallied all the way to 1803, this signal and this pattern never disappeared, and they’re still very much on the chart right now.

  90. jhnewman

    With this, to me, very strong piece of evidence in hand, I feel I’m then able to judge the validity of a large possible Elliott Wave pattern I’ve been following in gold for about 8 weeks now.

    A classic big correction in Elliott Wave is 3 waves down:

    *A wave down: made up of 5 waves;

    *B wave up: made up of 3 waves;

    *C wave down: made up of 5 waves.

    Gold has been following this pattern very closely since the 1921 all-time high, IMO. (All of this stuff is much easier seen on 24-hour spot or futures charts than on the “spotty” GLD charts.)

    *A wave down: 5 waves down from 1921 to 1583 on September 28, which was a truncated 5th wave. The big 1533 low was the bottom of the large 3rd wave down;

    *B wave up: 3 waves up from that 1583 to the 1803 high on November 7;

    *C wave down: 5 waves down from that 1803 high……….

    When I combine this Hidden Weakness signal that is very strong in gold, with this possible Elliott Wave pattern, I conclude that that EW pattern is for real and will play itself out (because that Hidden Weakness signal says gold is definitely heading back to the downside, and that EW pattern also says we’re heading to the downside. The Hidden Weakness signal confirms the EW pattern.)

    That would mean we’re now already in the big C wave down — made up of 5 waves — of this massive correction in gold. We’ve had Wave 1 down from 1803 on November 7 to 1666 (the daily cycle low) on November 20. And then we’ve had Wave 2 up, which probably ended on Friday at 1763. Which means gold should be in the process of rolling over to enter the big Wave 3 down, to be eventually followed by Wave 4 up and Wave 5 down to finally finish off this huge correction. (Check today’s, Monday’s, stochastics on the daily chart for GLD and you’ll see the rollover in gold I’m talking about.)

    As to where gold will bottom if all this is true: Alf Field, who Jim Sinclair has called the best and most accurate gold analyst in the world, has set out 3 downside targets for gold (he said 2 1/2 weeks ago that he thought there was a 40% chance that gold would re-visit the downside. I think it’s more on the order of an 85 – 90% chance):

    *1511 (21% correction);

    *1478 (where gold bottomed in late June (the Intermediate Cycle low) before launching a rocket to the upside);

    *1416 (26% correction. And Alf doesn’t mention it, but if the C wave down = the A wave down (-389 points), gold would get to this level.)

    When I looked at this question of downside targets 3 or 4 weeks ago, I came up with 1450 – 1420 as the most likely bottom. 1450 is a big round number down in the likely bottoming range. And 1430 – 1420 is the zone where gold topped back in December. So this area of strong horizontal resistance should now be strong horizontal support.

    Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I believe gold is definitely still in its big D wave correction, and that this new daily cycle we’re in has basically just topped and is rolling over into an extreme left-translated and long (35 days?) daily cycle. It will bottom in about 5 weeks somewhere around one of the above bottom targets, and that bottom will be the end of the D wave and this Intermediate Cycle. We will then start the A wave up and a new Intermediate Cycle.

    I apologize to Gary and everyone here for the length of this post and for the fact that I haven’t yet learned how to post my charts on the Internet. (Just haven’t had the time.)

    I just wanted to share this signal and this prediction with everyone, so you could at least be on your toes for what might happen (and for what I think has a very high probability of happening).

    Gotta run. Good trading to all!

    P.S. Alf Field’s downside targets and analysis appear at the end of this speech: http://www.safehaven.com/article/23442/alf-field-sees-gold-going-to-4500-heres-why

  91. Dan

    “In the ‘9 months’ I’ve been using them”

    “And I haven’t done extensive backtesting for them.”

    No offence but i think those two statements sum up both those lengthy posts.

  92. Visitor

    JHnewman –

    Wow!! – Maybe you should take some time off. Take a little vacation, get some exercise . . . Developing your “proprietary indicator” that you can’t disclose seems to have damaged your brain. Seems like your secret indicator can be used to convince yourself of any outcome. Good luck with that! – But just in case you’re right, going to sell everything. Thanks for the tip!

  93. aklaunch

    I have an indicator that i have been following my whole life and it has been extensively backtested. It is telling me to head to the bathroom.

  94. Elliot Kebdust

    JHnewman Ahh, it sounds like you too have discovered the same or a very similar way of analyzing the market that I use. I only have time for corn, soy, and e-mini s&p markets as it does take time to ‘run the numbers’ each day and I already have a job that is more than full time. I am currently giving away my trades on my blog at mythreemarkets here on blogger, blogspot for entertainment. I wish you good fortune with your system and thanks for sharing.

  95. R41

    Thanks jhnewman, always enjoy your posts. After 11 up years in PM’s its about time we shake off some of the bullish excess in this bull.

    And some of that bullish excess just posted above.

    The metals haven’t been looking very strong lately.

  96. William Wallace

    Gold continues to hit hard resistance at the upper trendline drawn from the 1923 high down to the 1804 high, and crawl the 75dma. When the 75dma is broken we will most likely see gold test the 150dma again within a couple of days.

  97. Danno

    GLD is currently overbought, needs to blow off some steam and should really close that gap before it is free to move higher without everyone looking back over their shoulders. That’s all I am seeing here FWIW. Chart looks healthy to me.

  98. TZ(8155)

    I have discovered a marvelous formula which predicts the price of gold daily for the next 5 years. Sadly it is too large to be contained within the margins of this blog.

  99. Gary

    Folks, there really is no need to post every trade you make here on the blog. I think I can safely say that no one here cares or will even remember any of your trades.

    Where you need to record it is in your personal trading journal so you can learn from your profits and losses.

  100. riley

    I care, like to see what people trade, but your blog so whatever you want fine with me. I am member and appreciate your calls. Riley

  101. Poly


    Yes gold looks sick, but nothing new, it just hasn’t worked off the parabolic run yet. It’s tracking perfectly vs all other blow-off’s this last 10 years. That means $1,500’s at some point has a real chance.

  102. Gary

    If this is a B-wave then it will hold above $1535. Sentiment is currently at levels that would seem to make it pretty tough to drop below $1500 also.

    If this is a continuing D-wave then it’s one of the strangest and longest I’ve ever seen other than the 8 year cycle low in 2008.

  103. Poly

    Well there have been so few D-Wave to compare to, but there have been others like this though, besides 2008.
    Also if you ignore the massive “puke out” that occurred in light after hours, it’s not $1,533 it closer to $1,600. That would make what you call a D-Wave still to come much more attainable.

    In any event, getting down to those levels, being it a D or a B is still nasty and presents a nice opportunity for all of us.

  104. Peter


    Do multi-year cycles have substantial mid-cycles worth noting – ie do 8 year cycles typically have substantial 4 year cycle (mid-cycle) lows that behave differently than yearly lows?


  105. Gary

    I’m going to have to be convinced the dollar rally is over before I’m ready to buy anything. I’m certainly not convinced that has happened yet.

  106. Dan


    I think you’d be surprised. The biggest number I heard here was someone losing $20million, if I recall correctly, when silver crashed earlier this year. And that number came from Gary….obviously they were trying to blame Gary for the loss.

  107. William Wallace


    I agree. If we are to see a post blow-off type correction (seems to be playing out so far) we should see a bottom on, or very close to, the 300dma…currently around the $1530 area, but should be slightly higher by the time we get there, most likely above the $1535 ICL.

  108. Haggerty

    Look if there is anyone out there with an extra million and you feel like changing my life…..I’d like to borrow that million and get it back to you when Gary says the bull market in Gold is over…..you can contact me through my Email at any time.

  109. Bill

    UUP tried to go lower today, but couldn’t, so I think it goes higher now. Complimenting that, $SPX and $OSX look to be topping here. All short term 60 min chart stuff.

  110. St. Deluise

    love the idea that someone with a $65 million dollar account is paying gary 20 bucks a month (or whatever it is) for advice.

    my target is still 1222 in /es for this little rip. beyond that honestly not sure if it’s a bull or bear market anymore. agree with gary that posting trades gets pointless but what else is there to talk about?

  111. St. Deluise

    also the $$$ in /ZN (10 year UST) now is equal to what it was at the very tippy top (131’300)

    i would speculate that we’re going to be in for a decent “scare” in the markets before the printing begins in earnest but taking it one hourly bar at a time.

  112. Bill

    Gary, WHY do cycles work? I’ve asked this once before. 100 yrs ago, there was hardly any money and stock exchanges around as compared to today. Back then it was all by hand, w/no internet to interconnect sentiment across countries when trading, say, gold. Now it’s all interconnected, and now we have Comp computers trading 80% or whatever of all trades. How the heck can cycles, if they did once exist, still exist IN THEIR SAME FORM? Seems insane!

  113. Wav_ridah

    You guys are probably talking about Cory. Said he bot AGQ in the 60’s and sold in the 2 and 3 hundreds or something. He posted some of his silver trades in spring and summer and he seemed legit.

  114. oa92000

    Shalom Bernanke said…
    I’m back from vacation and well rested. Sure enough the HUI isn’t too far from that 570 level I was hoping/expecting to see by the time I got back.

    I’m still long all my miners, and might even nibble on some more this week, raising my total portfolio risk a couple percentage points. Haven’t decided as yet.”

    Did you pull the trigger today??

  115. riley

    Anybody? what is Poly’s twitter?

    WW looks like following 150 for bottoms on daily. I got it at 1660-59? You right about resitance on trendline.

  116. Elaine


    Did you ever see Riding Giants? It’s an awesome movie. I think it’s produced by Laird Hamilton, but they interview Greg Noll, Jeff Clark and some of the other surfing greats.

  117. Ryan

    Definitely get the Cayman, you won’t be disappointed. Heck, with Gary’s performance record, you can get the R for summer and get a non-S as a winter beater lol.

  118. Dan

    Ya Cory sounds familiar, maybe it was more than $20M cause I do remember his account being $60M initially, either way, it was an obsene amount of money. eGe used to post here every once in a while with his trades and opinions, he seemed to be legitimate. Although I remember he used to also post the number of shares when he bought/sold, I don’t think anyone realized just how massive his account was till he started bashing Gary and Gary repeated some of what he said in his emails ie. losing the $20M etc.

    Too bad he no longer posts, I remember i used to track his posts and he was obviously a succeaful trader. Then again, maybe he just got lucky with the silver parabola.

  119. James


    I switched to Sogotrade a couple of years ago when they offered a free month of trading. I don’t use it as much anymore. It’s now a division of Wang Investments. You’re right about the $3 online commissions. I’d say the charting and streamline quotes are ok. I guess you get what you pay for.

  120. Cory

    I take Gary’s cycles work and modify my position sizes similar to what Poly believes. If I’m already strong handed from a previous cycle, I go all in at a cycle bottom in the timing band or on a swing up to 400% (2x capital on a double ETF). This is the lowest risk entry, and if I’m wrong the stop is close. If I’m not carrying a positive position from a previous cycle, I go in 200% at a cycle bottom with a close stop.

    I handle my position sizing differently in that I sell the entire position on a swing high in a left translated cycle no matter what, even if I miss some upside, and then I wait for the next daily as it should finish lower. I sell all my leverage at the halfway point of a cycle (ie 14 days in gold/silver) if there hasn’t been a swing high yet because risk is increasing (400% or 200% -> 100%, ie down to 50% capital in a 2x ETF). On a right translated swing high, I go down to 50% invested (25% capital in a 2x ETF) because it should finish higher than the previous low, and in case it just consolidates and then goes higher I still want some skin in the game. It’s at this point I go 400% on the next cycle because I’m strong handed. I try to sell out of everything on the swing high for an intermediate/yearly cycle if it can be recognized, but we all make mistakes.

    The C wave is the exception where you can buy and hold for 1-2 years. It was dumb luck that I found Gary and bought in AGQ at the beginning of the C wave and held on. Trading since May has been not that fun for anybody, and I believe the next C wave will start at the next intermediate low in combination with the 2.5/3 year low in the CRB. I will be holding AGQ again at that point. I still think we have one more decent dip down to flush out the weak hands in PMs.

    It is very possible to make big money this way. Money is made in C waves, it is pieced together in A, B, & D waves. Hope that helps.

  121. gideon

    gold is in a triangle that has gone quite far to the apex, and I fully expect it to break downward from this triangle. Using the 2 methods of measuring a triangle target, one yields low 1400s, which is exactly inline with the expected targets based on other criteria, and the other method yields low to mid 1300s. gary, 9 trading days for the first part of our bet which regarded whether gold would reach 1900 within 3 weeks.

  122. Bill

    gideon, perhaps so, and we’ll have to see. But continuation triangles have a 75% odds of breaking to the up side. So I think gold will go up. But I’ll wait for it for that 25% chance. πŸ˜‰

  123. Danno

    Performance (up or down) probably will not reach maximum potential because the triangle is filled with too much white space. It’s not an ideal triangle.

  124. Neo

    Good morning,

    Does anyone work with Forex XAU/USD or XAG/USD ? I would liket to know how to invest with these and where can i find some info.


  125. Shalom Bernanke


    No, I didn’t do any buying yesterday, but might add some to miners later in the week. I’m already at my top end for comfortable risk levels where I can ride out any storm on the horizon, so we’d have to see a decent pullback before I would get active.

    I’m not particularly bullish on metals and miners in the immediate future, but I’m also not nearly as bearish as others here. I believe that pullbacks will be contained (in metals and miners), even if the general market starts lower in earnest, which is a definite possibility, IMO. Kinda like the 1931-1932 period, where miners held their own and even went up some while the stock market continued lower. In short, I don’t see lots of risk owning miners here, and would rather park assets there than in fiat paper which I feel is far more risky. Miners clearly have buyers, including other miners, as well as investors like myself.

    I think Gary will prove correct again about the next few weeks and don’t expect much in either direction. Still, I think the risk is being out of miners, especially sitting in paper that can only get devalued with more supply.

    Trade easy, and good luck today. πŸ™‚

  126. ALEX

    Blogger sophia said…


    Well done on your shorts at 1755! Hope you still got them as when you will wake up, you will see Gold at 1716!

    December 5, 2011 10:16 PM

    Thats funny- I woke up this morning and Gold was $1716 (still is). She’s a prophetess

  127. Razvan

    Neo, i use that type of investment but it was banned in the US when the Dodd Frank bill was passed in July.
    If you want to invest in those pairs you need to find a currency broker that also has the option of trading spot gold , silver such as forex.com/uk (must be outside the US)
    This type of trading is the easiest way to leverage up with as little as 1% margin, round the clock trading.

  128. ALEX


    Yeah, I read that, maybe you’ll get an apology πŸ™‚

    I read you were in N.H. recently visiting family(I live in the area) If you dont mind me asking, just curious , -did you stay on the coast, Mountains, or more toward Manchester/Concord area?

    There’s a lot to see in this area.

  129. James


    you people get on my nerves. It’s a country filled with cowards who are afraid of guns, who can only manufacture low quality stuff.

  130. Haggerty

    I don’t know if it has any weight as far as how long it takes for a swing to form…..But it recently took Gold a number of days to form a swing and the ride up was very weak…..now the dollar is kind of doing the same thing as far as it forming it’s swing. Maybe it’s rally will be weak as well?

  131. Poly


    The big difference is that the dollar did very little retracing off the cycle high and spent 2 days to the low. So this is expected consolidation.
    Gold retraced over many days and very sharply. Deep retrace DCL’s should result strong comebacks.

  132. ALEX

    Since POLY and JHNEWMAN and a few others are looking for a substantial drop in Gold/Silver in the near future-
    I looked over a few charts this weekend (on a weekly scale) to get the big picture and see how things look.

    A pullback to Golds recent lows in the $1520 area seems fine (unless you look at the Gold triangle and decide to Leverage Long). A couple of quick $50 down days and we’d be there in less than a week.

    Miners pretty much ignored Golds $24 drop yesterday, so I imagine they’d just drop down to support (where SB could really load up ; )

    GDX (kind of says it all)


    EXK 3 blue circles are targets (POLY / JH scenario is pointed out too, The MACD on this got weak, but if it breaks upward…that could be resolved)Good accumulation


    GPL ran from .75 to $4.75 in about 6 months..of course it would need to consolidate those gains, but if juniors get going again…Looks very promising.


  133. ALEX

    RIC- 2 scenarios. 1)its almost at support. 2) It drops pretty far, and the MACD drops to a lower support area



    Believe it or not, GSS had improving earnings report and on a daily showed strength. It COULD possibly become another under $2 that runs to $6 if miners run. Yes,thats a triple…so if it runs strong to $3….get in and get a double at least : ]

    Is it at a bottoming process here??-Notice on the way down, MACD is rising on the weekly


    Daily GSS…looks due for a pullback (to $1.76 or $1.50??)



  134. Gary

    the problem with the GDX chart is a move down to your support line would already have created a pattern of lower lows and lower highs.

    GDX needs to hold above $55 or it will enter a down trend.

  135. ALEX


    If you’re still reading, been wanting to ask…

    If the large drop that you are expecting soon (in this daily cycle ?) does not happen…Baqsed on what you are seeing, would you still be expecting it (maybe even more so) in the next daily cycle? Thanks

  136. William Wallace


    Thank you..I am still short, looking to cover at the 150dma, or sooner if need be. As I have been saying for a couple weeks now I believe we will see this daily cycle fail and the bounce off the 150dma should be short lived.

  137. ALEX


    If you mean the orange line, I know. But There are a few who really insist that we are going to see GOLD drop to maybe low to mid $1500’s

    SO I felt IF that happened, GDX’s worst case would be that support.

    So you are saying that if we see a lower low, you dont think it would recover as a shake out and instead would begin a downtrend?

  138. ALEX


    I wrote on that chart that you could “Buy with a tight stop”, so I guess that you would advice against that…saying that a lower low at that point could become a downtrend . Thx.

  139. William Wallace

    I dont believe we will see gold drop below 1535, all D-waves over the last 10 years bottom on the 300dma, currently at 1530 area, but will be higher by the time we get there. Although this daily cycle may fail the IC will not, same post blow off type correction in 06looks to be in play so far.

  140. Poly


    That move was measured in IT cycle length, so no idea if its all this cycle or if it involves a 4th daily.
    There is a case for this being a short IT cycle. It’s odd to see short back to back IT cycles, but they seem to occur after blows off.

  141. sophia


    Hanover…In-laws are in Enfield…We love it there


    I spit on you until the third generation and I am not even English, but it is a welcoming land for me and my family so GET LOST !

  142. ALEX

    Thank you POLY (and WW for your thoughts too)

    And that is what I was wondering POLY, If you were considering a 4th daily and could the drop occur then.

    I “trade” semi often, and I just find it hard to hold a trade comfortably if I think theres any chance of a $200 drop in Gold( but I’ve seen it , so I know it can happen).

    If it happens, I hope its 3 quick slam down days of -$50 πŸ™‚

  143. William Wallace


    Being the 150dma is such strong support, we may see this daily cycle be a short one that bottoms on the 150, then the next cycle roll over fairly quick. Maybe we see a bounce off the 150 and back up to the 50dma to put in a top for the next DC.

  144. ALEX

    Thanks WW


    I’m going on vacation for a bit anyways -and I hold a core position…so for my wife’s sake , I’m going to take a break anyways. She doesnt mind if I check in from time to time, but I think its a good time for a break anyways.

  145. ALEX


    Gold was down $24 yesterday and Today it’s down another $16, and yet the “core ” position in miners is resisting the downside, instead of leading.

    Some are Green (HL, GPL, ) most down 1 to 2 %.

  146. sophia


    I agree that it is not as bad as it looks …I was looking at my new favorite IPT and it is in fact higher than yesterday!

  147. ALEX


    THX, I’m only going for a week :]

    And with Gold/Miners

    Today -$16 and yesterday -$24 = -$40 and my core position had green today and yesterday ?
    Maybe a slam down of another $150 would just be a great buying opportunity ( for SB ; )

  148. Shalom Bernanke


    You got that right! Of course, sizing is everything, so won’t likely go crazy with my buying but will continue to take stock in for the long haul.

    Have an enjoyable break from all this. I did the same and it feels great. Thanks for all the charts you post, much appreciated. πŸ™‚

  149. Dan

    You guys are looking at this through rose colored glasses. The only reason miners have held up versus gold is because the markets are green. Simple as that. Waiting till the markets go red then well see how miners are “holding up.”

  150. Phil

    I think we’re all so used to seeing the miners get blasted with any small downward movement in the metals…regardless of a red or green market!

  151. Danno

    The S&P500 is about to blast right through the 200ma. Shorts had better be careful The threat of a 2008 repeat was greatest in Sept. The biggest threat is past us now. The next threat probably will not happen until late December or into 1st quarter 2012. Gold looks solid here. The dollar is going nowhere. Standard & Poor’s is forcing the EU to release substantial news this week, which I’m betting they will. I’ll also bet people will look back and say, “That was a perfect double top in the dollar. How did I miss it?”


  152. gideon

    hi gary,

    the bet I was refering to was made in the comments section of your last public post, wherein you said-
    “So my best guess is that gold will test the $1900 level sometime in the next three weeks followed by an extended corrective move down into an intermediate degree bottom in February (B-wave). That bottom should hold above the $1535 level.”
    And I said in the comments that I propose a gentleman’s bet that gold would NOT reach 1900 in 3 weeks, and WOULD go below 1535.

  153. Gary

    I guess I missed the “bet”. I rarely follow the blog anymore as it has just gotten too big.

    I don’t bet on outcomes, I just trade the markets in real time. When the market changes then I change my expectations and/or strategies. At the moment it looks like gold had an A-wave advance to $1800, and could now be locked in a B-Wave decline.

    If these assumptions are correct the B-Wave will hold above $1535. If it doesn’t then this is not a B-wave it is a continuation of the D-Wave.

    For now I’m assuming this is a B-Wave but I will have no problem changing my mind if gold moves below $1535.

    It appears that your main concern is being right, whereas my main concern is making money. I could care less whether my expectations turn out to be correct or not. All I care about is that I recognize and act swiftly when the market tells me one of my assumptions is wrong.

  154. Wav_ridah

    My avatar is a pic fr that movie. It’s Laird at Teahupoo Tahiti. Peahi aka Jaws is a 20 min drive from our old place in Pukalani. To see that place break is with your own eyes is extremely rare. You have a better chance seeing Laird, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson chilling in Paia town than Peahi break. God I miss Maui.

    Doubled up SDS calls.

  155. ALEX

    I was going to post that I bought HL and EXK today, but then I saw this –

    Blogger Gary said…

    Folks, there really is no need to post every trade you make here on the blog. I think I can safely say that no one here cares or will even remember any of your trades.

    So now I’m not going to even mention it. πŸ™‚

  156. Stoker


    Putting aside that you think its OK to insult someone else’s country, I’m intrigued at how you could possibly think the UK is ugly.

    Where did you live?

    I lived in London for 5 years and travelled all over the UK. Its one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The architecture, the green grass, the history, the pubs. Love the british sense of humour too. Funniest people in the world IMO.

    What got your knickers in a knot? Was it the warm beer? Don’t like cricket or rugby?

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