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  1. sophia


    I agree, I think that the new setup for the blog is not as friendly as the old version for people with Windows Vista.
    The other setup was so easy to use

  2. Danno

    I’m confident Gary will nail another stellar trade eventually and the board will light up like a Christmas tree. Bunch of fair weather friends looking for handouts. Who needs em.

    1. Danno

      I credit Gary for keeping a spreadsheet of his model portfolio trades that he updates in as close to real time as possible. Not many people are honest enough to do that.

    2. Danno

      My point is that you are better off following one guy like Gary who keeps accurate records, than following a group of guys who keep no records. Even with a losing trade now and then your odds of success will be far better with someone who keeps records because records allow people to learn from sour trades.

    3. Mickette

      Your answer disturbs me. Gary has nothing to do with my request.
      You can discuss with us a little bit and it´s free.
      Be open to divergent thinking and continue to grow intellectually.
      Have a nice day.

    4. Danno

      You should be disturbed. Just a bunch of guys arguing over direction. Same as any stock chat site. Everyone claiming to be right more often than the next guy. But no one posting a spreadsheet online of their trades that is updated in close to real time making it very difficult to fact check who actually knows what he is talking about.

  3. Driver

    As far as being able to post, I can’t do it using Firefox. I’m on IE right now. (Gary knows about this.) Does anyone have any idea why I can’t post using Firefox? Perhaps it’s some settings I have in my Firefox browser. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. TommyD

    select tools then options – a window should appear. Under content I have the first 3 checked.
    Under privacy look to see that both cookies and 3rd party cookies are checked. If you make
    any adjustment then you will have to click “OK” and then close firefox and reopen to activate
    new options.

    1. Danno

      I am still keeping an eye on it, yes. It seems both the $Silver Double Bottom and the $USD Rounding Bottom are still fighting it out. It’s impossible (for me) to say which one will win at this point. But I would lean toward saying that the $Silver bottom may have been a failed breakout. Of course the same could be said for the smaller $USD rounding bottom. However, there is a much larger potential rounding bottom in $USD.


  5. sophia

    I agree with Conspiracy that it is sad to see this blog so light in comments.
    quite tempted to buy some Silver here, hasn’t moved much in the last few days, 31.50 seems OKish

  6. TZ(8155)

    I think being long gdx and gdxj here without a stop is very dangerous.

    GDX did NOT recover back up to its congestion triangle last week and thus the breakdown looks LEGIT. I suspect it will continue here and those without stops are gonna twist.

  7. TZ(8155)

    I could be wrong, of course, but if things rally then the problem takes care of itself.

    If we dont’ rally and keep dropping then what is the plan? If you dont have a plan the market will make one for you. I think you all know how that goes.

    1. TZ(8155)

      In both cases the decision was made not to use stops cause it wasn’t expected the security could go much lower or because it was thought undesireable to have a stop to prevent getting ‘whipped out’.

      AGQ *did* go lower and the lack of a stop turned the eventual sells into panic selling ‘on the fly’ – foregoing significant profit and causing much loss in many cases.

      GDX/GDXJ longs are in holding with no stop. It is presumed they won’t go much lower and/or that any amount lower will be relatively small and acceptable.

      What if that isn’t true?

    2. jeff

      I’m concerned with this if and only if the market (SPX) takes out it recent low because it has not bottomed into its ICL/DCL. If that is the case, and given how weak the miners have been even though they are “undervalued”, them being undervalued doesn’t seem to matter when the market sells off. I don’t like running without an exit strategy or plan if the SPY breaks its recent low.

  8. Greenspansconscience

    The CCI has been down what looks like will be 8 weeks in a row, barring a major reversal over the next two days. The stochastics are extremely oversold on the daily and weekly charts.

    One scenario is a reversal the next two days. Another is that we continue to sell off hard going into next week’s FOMC meeting and then bounce on a buy the news event–i.e., no QE. I doubt we get a QE announcement next week–probably just more of the same BS. Of course if we do, the CCI will rally hard.

  9. TZ(8155)


    Some pretty important articles at WSJ tonight showing that after ALREADY USING most of the $1.3 TRILLION of emergency money the EU is about to go over the cliff again (and that the only reason things stabilized for a little while was the printing of cash).

    Inset into the same article in the “MORE” section are two more links for:

    ->Spanish Banks’ Bad Debt Reaches High (which shows that Spain is choking on bad loans and housing decline is accellerating, and

    ->Italy Says It Will Miss Balanced-Budget Goal (whereby italy says it is not going to take budget steps by 2013 that it had earlier promised)

    Not looking good.

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