I know a great many people have gotten discouraged during the last 6 months. Many have probably gotten knocked off the bull, and some may even buy into the end of the bull market nonsense that many analysts have been spouting lately. 

I can assure you the gold bull is not dead. Human nature hasn’t changed. Bernanke’s printing press hasn’t stopped. The Dow:gold ratio hasn’t reached 1:1 and the world hasn’t solved it’s ever growing debt problem.

Gold just suffered a minor manipulation event after QE4 that drove price back below $1700 and held it there until the dollar rallied out of it’s intermediate cycle low. Then big money manufactured a stop run at the $1523 level to trigger a climax selling event. They used that panic to transfer I estimate somewhere between a quarter to a half  trillion dollars worth of shares in ETF’s, mining stock, and physical from weak hands to strong hands.

These players now have huge positions in preparation for either another leg up, or the final bubble phase of the secular bull market. If that’s the case then gold should rally for about another year and a half with a final parabolic blowoff top sometime in late 2014 or early 2015.

A top in 2015 would culminate a 14-15 year trend which is about normal for a secular bull move.

As hard as it is to do right now this is the time traders need to be positioning for the next, or the last leg up in this bull market.

For the next couple of days I’m going to make an offer to any expired subscribers, buy one get one free. Buy a one month subscription and I will give you the second month free. This should be long enough to get you through the bottoming process and far enough along to convince everyone the bull market isn’t finished. At that point you can decide whether to let your subscription expire or continue.

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