Wednesday Morning report

Because it’s my birthday today I’m going to publish the morning report.
It’s time for a pep talk.
Folks bear market bottoms are the single greatest opportunities one ever gets in investing. The initial move out of a bear market bottom is where the really big moves occur, and occur fast. Look at what happened as miners came out of the last bear market.
Considering that this bear market has been artificially induced and has severely damaged the physical market this bottom has the potential to be even more aggressive than the 08 bottom. Throw in a dollar crisis next year, and a bubble phase that’s due to start anytime and it gets even more bullish.
Folks we’ve got everything on our side. We have an intermediate cycle that is 22 weeks long. That is smack in the timing band for a bottom. We have a daily cycle that ran long at 29 days. We have sentiment that is at levels typical of intermediate bottoms. We have a dollar cycle that has rolled over in a left translated pattern and a three year cycle that has topped. We have a massive volume spike in NUGT. A sure sign that smart money is positioning for an impending bear market bottom. And now we have insiders buying. All of our tools have lined up to give a buy signal.
This is why we sat on the sidelines, so we would have the mental capital to pull the trigger when the time came. The time has arrived. It’s time to pull the gym bag out of the trash can and get back to work.

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