Comments are active again on the premium website, but still no word when it will be fully repaired so I can publish the nightly reports.


  1. diana

    Gary, as of 12:47 AM, 3/17/14, the last report showing on your private blog is March 8, and I didn’t see any place to post a message there. This is only an FYI. No questions, but you may need to post here. Thx.

    1. Gary

      We knew the Fed was going to try to rescue the market ahead of the FOMC meeting. However gold hasn’t been tied to the stock market. It’s being driven by a collapse in the purchasing power of the dollar and the damaged supply side due to an artificial bear market. I don’t think the intermediate cycle is going to top until gold at least retraces back to the 38% Fib at 1460ish.

  2. Victor H

    Since the premium site has been down over 10 days I would hope Gary extends the subscription of those who have paid the monthly fee for at least 10 more days

  3. Victor H

    I agree with Nixim that it’s a shame the web site hasn’t been repaired long ago if Gary was using a professional to manage his site. I know college students that probably could have fixed it within hours, there is absolutely no excuse for letting this drag on for weeks. with the $ Gary is making from subscribers he should easily be able to spend a few hundred to hire someone

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