Portfolio chage

Selling the stock positions. 

SPY $187.10
QQQ $90.32
IWM $119.25

Selling currency positions.

UUP $21.40
EUO $16.75

19 thoughts on “Portfolio chage

  1. FiatFlatline

    I wish you had noted this new “stock selling” posting with a simple message at the end of the prior blog, instead of relying on everyone of us to catch the “newer post” link at the bottom. Many of us are not set up on Twitter.

  2. jaynews

    FiatFlatLine – With all due respect, my advice would be to learn how to trade on your own, rather than relying on paid services to tell you when to get in and out of a trade.

    1. FiatFlatline

      There’s no need for rude comments. Common logic would tell you I am NOT asking Gary to make/broadcast any trades for me. There’s a crucial difference (one that obviously escaped your grasp) between asking for trades, and asking for a simple, one-sentence message – taking about 10 second to write – on the blog that a portfolio change has been posted. No where did Gary say that portfolio changes would be communicated ONLY via Twitter. And if you look back, in almost all cases, Gary has posted on the blog that he has made a portfolio change. That was my only point.

      If Gary feels any comment is out of line, he has a simple remedy: the “Delete” button … and he has said he would use this is needed. Kindly keep your comment directed to Gary, and refrain from trying to police the blog site on his behalf. It insults his intelligence.

    2. FiatFlatline

      Jaynews –

      Maybe you don’t rely on his observations for any trading, but does that mean if he is posting suggestions, I am wrong for using them, correct? Or improper by asking that the fact that changes are made get communicated in a one-sentence message on the blog site.

  3. Chris

    Notice that the completed DOW megaphone pattern has NOT been breached, and we just made a lower high in SPX.
    Things are about to get ugly. This was wave 2/B up in SPX that topped this morning. Wave 3/C down is next, and it’s likely to get fairly intense.

    1. Gary

      I don’t know if the S&P is done rallying for this daily cycle or not. They did manage to ram it most of the way back and you can bet the PPT will go to work on the market first thing tomorrow if not in the overnight.

    2. Chris

      This behavior over the past 2-3 weeks is just how major tops form, without any manipulation. Every pullback is bought by the bulls, but the higher we go, the less and less the buyers can keep it going, so the market starts to “roll over” very slowly….
      The reason why every dip is bought is very easy to understand… it’s just dip buyers that have been conditioned to buy early on any dip to chase the market higher. They know that if they wait too long, the market will get away from them again. It’s all the dumb money trying to get in at the top.

    3. Gary

      Correct that is how markets top, I’m just not sure the dip buyers are ready to get taken to the cleaners yet, especially if the PPT is protecting the market.

  4. Lance D

    Gary, If the market seriously begins to correct in earnest, why would Yellen reverse course here and massively expand QE versus the Fed’s behind the curtain propping up the market via bank infusions of capital with instructions to buy S&P futures? My point is why would the Fed openly expand QE and risk startling the market if their clandestine method for manipulating the market is working fine?

  5. FiatFlatline

    Gary –

    Approx. when would you expect to see gold make a definitive move toward the high 1300s, assuming it does not drop below your 1,318 intermediate trend line? Rather, can’t it meander between, say, 1325 and 1335 for another two-plus weeks?

  6. Concord

    I am under a different name here ArshavirLincoln being the Smt handle. Can you comment on the move in the dollar? Based on your thoughts before this move up should be a day or two or can it get extended?

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