Portfolio change

I’m going to stop out or take profits in a few more positions today. The markets are getting extremely volatile and I’m not sure how this is going to effect everything.

Exiting  UNG $24.16
Exiting WEAT $16.21
Exiting CORN $33.42

12 thoughts on “Portfolio change

    1. Gary

      Well a better time would have been 6 or 7 weeks ago.

      The best time to get heavy will be at the next ICL. Right now we are trying to catch the last leg of this intermediate cycle. Personally I think gold will make it to $1425 before the top comes. But then again we all know we are playing in a rigged market so there is no guarantee that will happen. Just use your best judgement, or play it safe and stay lightly invested until the next ICL.

    2. dutchisu

      look at some of the past reports and see where Gary roughly thinks the next ICL will get down to and then ask yourself is it worth getting in now. I would say it isn’t if you are looking for a long term positions. The hardest thing to do in investing is to be patient.

  1. FiatFlatline

    Gary (and Troy) –

    Didn’t you say recently that silver follows gold rather than copper? Some believe silver’s industrial component is affected by the global slow-down, as copper really appears to be demonstrating. If gold does, indeed, reach 1425+ toward the end of March, do you believe silver will catch up?

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