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  1. Anonymous

    I am trying your site/analysis for a week.
    I know I am a little late, but do you think that entering tomorrow (june, 19…gdx let say…) would be a bad thing? What is the risk/loss potential?
    Can I still enter your quest portfolio, or is it too late already?
    Be well and congrats, You nailed it today!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    If you really have to ask Gary what to do, then you are virtually guaranteed to lose money, period. Sorry to be so blunt but, Gary, or any other “guru” is not the ticket to the rich house…more likely the ticket to the exact opposite!

  3. Neil

    Agreed Anonymous #2. Type in GDX into stockcharts.com and look at the RSI at the top. If it’s above 70, do not buy. You will at the very least need to wait for it to hit the midway point around RSI 50 before you pull the trigger.

    1. Anonymous

      Then read your chart again: All bull market, and all bear markets in miners started with an RSI respectively above 70-75 and below 30-25…

    1. Gary

      In a natural bear market supply comes back to the market. ie. too much supply and too little demand. That’s what should have happened if the bear market in gold was a natural bear market.

      However as we all know that is NOT what happened. Instead massive amounts of physical left the market. ie. too much demand and too little supply. The only way that can happen with price falling is if the move lower is an artificial move.

      This stuff really is just economics 101.

      Now that the manipulation has damaged the physical market the bull will resume but with the supply side of the equation severely damaged. This means the bull will now go much further than it would have gone naturally if it had been allowed to trade freely.

    1. Anonymous

      lmao you gary-fools are just too funny.

      It doesn’t matter what Gary supposedly makes from here. He’s lost SO MUCH MONEY that 100% is STILL not enough, not to mention an even greater issue and that is one of..


      Yes i said immoral practices. They guy just talked himself out of ALL CREDIBILITY after he lost SO MUCH MONEY he SHUTTERED his several paper accounts after realizing what IS STILL TRUE….

      and that is, he will never get back to even, never mind actually MAKE ANY MONEY.

      Here this clown is after 4 years of the biggest market run he’ll ever see and he’s UNDER WATER…..lmao.

      Clueless breeds clueless and that is why you you tards are stuck with Gary, the LIAR, and yes,. still underwater.

      You should have listened a couple of years ago when i told you to abandon this fool BEFORE he lost his shirt and then CLOSED his paper accounts.

      This clown stinks to high heaven but AT LEAST had he been a stand-up guy and NOT close his accounts when he went HORRIBLY underwater at least all that could be said about him is that he is a failed trader, instead of a liar and a cheat ON TOP OF THAT.


  4. JP

    Troll boy where are you?

    Now it’s up to 160%.

    What are you waiting for. Get on board the SMT train and make some serious coin with the rest of us….

    1. Anonymous

      You are clueless….following Gary will underperform plain old SPY or even short-term t-bills over the long haul. A trader friend of mine (The Flea) predicted it, and that’s exactly what happened. If Gary were so great, then Uncle Warren would be investing money with him. 160% in a week (or whatever) with options means nothing over the long haul. It’s pure gambling and…mark my words…Gary’s subscribers will give back all their gains, and much more, just like what happened in the past. “This time is different” (for Gary subs) is not true. 🙂 Gary will get to keep the subscription fee so it doesn’t matter to him, as long has PT Barnum keeps being correct. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    troll boy can’t answer because he is very busy today, shorting gold and silver like there is no tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh one more things to a specific Anon poster – please don’t tell these fools how much we’ve made off this run as we got ahead of everyone it seems, lol I wouldn’t want to ruin a good story from JP.

    JP is still underwater like Gary as he followed him down the drain, but can’t admit it, us on the other hand…………lol



    1. Anonymous

      Yeah, and he just threw more good money after bad by paying Gary $1000 to eventually lose money again. If I were JP, then I would just quit while he is ahead this time…and If this really is JP’s first time, then he better be prepared to give back all his gains and more. He can’t say that he hasn’t been warned! 🙂

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