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  1. Anonymous

    Everyone else is printing money as well…..except for SMT subscribers….if you get my drift 🙂

  2. DanL

    First let me congratulate you on a tremendous call on gold. My juniors are up almost 20% already. My question is what do you think the FOMC statement will do to the markets this afternoon.

    1. Gary

      Based on where we are at in the daily cycles the stock market should fall as well as the dollar, and gold should rise.

      It’s kind of hard to trust the stock market to decline though while the Fed continues to prop it up. I certainly wouldn’t sell short. If we ever do get a move down into a daily cycle low one could bet heavily on the long side for a move back up to possibly test 2000, but one will have to continue to wait patiently for a correction that is already way overdue.

  3. Gary

    We’ve had 6 months of tapering and now we have the ECB trying to force the euro down. What is the dollar waiting for? It should have screamed higher months ago.

    1. Anonymous

      At the most it could drop and hit that bottom trendline (if drawn on your chart) which would run through 2008 and 2011 lows. But I see this dollar going nowhere but up as the market sells off. If for some reason the Fed raises rates today (which is highly unlikely) the market will get absolutely crushed with a huge spike in the dollar.

  4. Anonymous

    When Gary’s red lines point upward you sell and when they’re pointing down you buy. For those who haven’t followed the climber over the last 3 years, he and his calls are INCREDIBLE FADES and EXTREMELY PROFITABLE to say the least. If Gary says “this looks like the dawn, you can bet it’s dusk and nightfall shortly coming. Please keep the calls and charts comming Mr. Climber… Fading your thoughts on the markets have been the best subscription I never had to buy! :-$

    1. JP

      I don’t know if you are a quest subscriber or not but my quest position is up almost 70% in 7 trading days.

    2. Anonymous

      70% in 7 trading days doesn’t mean Gary has a viable method over the long haul. It’s just like another dart toss and he happened to get lucky this time, if he helped you make money in the short-term. If Gary was so great at trading he wouldn’t have shut down the original Quest or any of his other portfolios. Just sayin’

  5. Anonymous

    Cycle analysis works great. That’s the only thing we need to know. Who cares about the fundamental? Who cares about the technical? We are so lucky that the cycle analysis is not popular yet somehow, let’s keep it a secret. Let those Wall Street money managers work day and night to make dimes, we are going to make fortunes! The worse case would be, while I think the chance is slim, if it doesn’t work as expected, it must be the manipulation, then there’s nothing we can do about it. But so far, I am making at least 15% everyday, yahoo!

  6. Anonymous

    Spot the Norcini trolls, it’s easy. They rant against those that believe that markets have been manipulated. They rant against Zero Hedge saying this site is just are Russian propaganda…no wait, now its the Bulgarians, LOL. It’s clear by now that Gary made another great call. This bothers the Norcini cultists, so they refuse to acknowledge reality and choose to troll away.

    1. Anonymous

      yeah right, maybe 70% on $100. If you made 70% on $10k or more then you must be worth millions putting that kind of capital at risk in options.

  7. JP

    Now it’s up to almost 90%. The quest is starting with a $1000 initial investment attempting to turn that $1000 into $100,000 over the next couple of years.

    90% in 7 days is a pretty good start.

    1. Anonymous

      You haven’t even made back the $1K that you gave to Gary yet. Just sayin’ If you should ever get ahead, then…if I were you… I’d quit while you are ahead.

    2. JP

      Maybe you didn’t understand. 90% in 7 days. Let me say it again because you don’t seem able to comprehend what I’m saying. 90% in 7 days. Name me one other analyst in the world that has done that. Just because you missed the boat doesn’t mean you have to be obtuse. Just get a subscription and join the rest of us and make a bundle of money.

    3. Anonymous

      JP, I’d be willing to bet a gazillion burritos that he gives it all back, and more. You fail to comprehend how much risk he is taking on to get that 90% in 7 days….and it may seem great while it’s working, but when it stops working….and he gives it all back and more….try not to cry over the spilled milk.

  8. Anonymous

    Gold has run into resistance and the only way is down from here. Short, with a stop loss at 1306 and you will make money. Whoever has a 20% gain in miners will quickly lose their winnings and more in the oncoming decline in miners. No doubt the ignorant punters with their blind faith in precious metals will ignore their stop losses and get burnt. Gold is in a bear market and the capitulation stage is still, without question, firmly in play. Until I get share tips from my barber or taxi driver, the bull market in stocks is still on so you may as well join the party and make money there.

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