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  1. Anonymous

    Absolutely disgraceful.
    Karma will rain down on the FED when their bubble finally pops.

  2. Unknown

    But Gary, one can get insolvent by guessing if every time is manipulation..No? TA should take away most of the guessing out!

    1. Anonymous

      Gary doesn’t want to take the blame if a trade doesn’t go his way so he just blames “manipulation.”

    2. Anonymous

      Same as it ever was… Hopefully (for everyone) the gym bag gets tossed in the trash and the climber goes for a long walk and never comes back. 😉

    1. Anonymous

      Give up what? Is it not true that whenever a gold trade doesn’t go your way you blame manipulation? It’s never your fault.

  3. Anonymous

    Fake genius blames on manipulation, while real pros like Dan Norcini uses facts and logic to support his market views. Oh BTW, Dan’s wisdom is totally free, you can google his blog. I am not related to Dan, I don’t agree with everything Dan says, but I respect him very much, he is a real pro.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for the link. If the rock climber is such a hotshot trader, why does he need to sell a blog to make a living?

  4. Gary

    Like I’ve been saying for a while the character of the manipulation changed this year. It’s not having the same effect it did in 2013. Now it appears there is a big buyer or buyers that wait in the wings for one of these manipulation events and then they come in and kick the manipulators in the teeth.

    If gold can end the day positive it’s going to cost that trader this morning a lot of money. It won’t take many more of these before the manipulation ends altogether.

    1. Anonymous

      exactly, REAL pros don’t blame manipulation … someone sent Bill Fleckenstein a link to one of Gary’s weekend blog posts and Bill said as soon as he reads “manipulation”, he deletes it. Consider he was a director for PAAS, knows long time metals pit traders, he knows many of the biggies in the metals business

    2. Anonymous

      Gary, the only thing I see in the graph above is a continuation of a downward trend. I agree with others here: every time a trade goes against you, you blame it on manipulation. Man up and take responsibility for once!

  5. Spytrader

    It’s got to be killing these guys that you just keep hitting your calls correctly over and over. I don’t think you’ve missed a call in gold for over a year now.

  6. Anonymous

    One has to pity the Norcini cultists. You see he does not believe in gold manipulation so, all others that do are just charlatans. Gold has to traded only according to Norcini’s dictates. Since KWN has some Gold fluff pieces then all of KWN must be bad. Perhaps the only good news related to that blog site is that some of the Kool Aid chuggers have had enough of the name calling and have dropped off the posting blog.

  7. Anonymous

    Gary says plenty of things so as to leave a useful trail of get outs. That call to get out of PMs at the time was not as clear cut as is made out. Lots of hyperbole about not being able to hold in for the massive returns around the corner, getting out might mean not being able to get back in etc etc.

  8. Anonymous

    And stocks were in a parabola at least 18 months ago. Don’t go near, or language to that effect, but the claim is the market was called right. Such duality isn’t any use.

  9. Anonymous

    Gold will sell off with FOMC tomorrow. Of course it will be “manipulation” – I don’t know where you guys got in but chances are your stops get run. Have a good night!

  10. Anonymous


    Here we are [June 18, 2014] and you select the very same chart that was mentioned to you in 2012 to demonstrate gold manipulation.

    The only difference between then and 2012 is that you denied there was any gold manipulation other than “inconsequential short term manipulation that occurs before options expiration and can be seen in most markets.” [I believe that’s at least a rough approximation of what you said BEFORE you admitted that it can occur at any time TPTB want to unleash it.

    Granted, it’s not a subtle as in the past. I guess the only real reason you didn’t accept it then was because – on balance – you were able to make profitable trades.

    However, I believe it’s a mistake to assume that hedge fund traders, for example, are now more able to overcome the bullion banks’ manipulation of COMEX gold and other precious metals because they are fronting for the Fed/Treasury which has unlimited fiat at its disposal.

    Consequently, the only way to play precious metals (particularly silver for a bunch of practical reasons) is to take advantage of the increasingly desperate government’s attempt to depress PM prices and BUY THE PHYSICAL. HAVE IT STORED IN A SAFE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET AT IT WHEN (NOT IF) THE BANKS CLOSE THEIR DOORS.

    Playing the paper PM market – including miners – is much riskier than most appreciate because you’re playing in the regulators’ home court, and they can change the rules any time they feel threatened, or FOR NO REASON AT ALL.


    1. Anonymous

      Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Congrats clown, you have now reached stopped clock status!

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