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  1. Anonymous

    Never mind about all the times you were wrong, and your subscribers got whipsawed to death, or they incurred big losses by holding onto a loser because you were late to accept that the PM bull market turned into a bear last year…you’re a timing genius again! Pat yourself on the back! LOL

    1. Gary

      LOL yes. Our troll monkey conveniently forgets I told everyone to exit all metal position back on Jan. 24 2013. But then again these guys have no desire to publish the truth. They have an agenda and have no problem bending the facts to suit their purpose.

    2. Anonymous

      You are conveniently forgetting that you told your subscribers on January 30th 2013, that “Starting tomorrow I’m going to convert the model portfolio to 35% GLD and 40% SLV.” This is an admission that you still had a Model Port that was invested (and you also then gave up tracking it because your trading wasn’t working) Also February 9th 2013, you said “…If this scenario unfolds as expected I will probably use this as the
      opportunity to roll be 2014 SLV LEAPS into the 2015′s.”

      So, you had a Model Port with 35% GLD and 40% SLV, and you admitted to having SLV LEAPS well after you supposedly told everyone to exit metals. Be honest with yourself, and admit that anyone who followed you lost a lot of money as a result. You did not get your subscribers safely out of metals.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m sure this call will be like all the leap call options the shepard and his sheep bought back in the fall of 2012. Their stops will get hit this week on another USD surge higher stopping out the herd for the umpteenth time in the last couple years. They’ve been taking bites off the long side for 3 (+/-) years. Just like Tim Knight (supposedly) has been shorting stocks the last 5 (+/-) years w/ virtual cash (like he even places trades) The Shepard and his sheep will be buying in and out of this bear market for a couple more years. But hey, $1,000 to $100,000 in 3 (+/-) years w/ a “money back guarantee” sounds too good to pass up! There is a sucker born…

  3. Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see what the FOMC meeting this week does to PM prices. Typically, they take a beating, at least they have during the weeks of the last 7 or 8 meetings.

  4. Goldie

    Dating back to around October 2012 there is a long down trend on the price of gold that looks like around $1325 as a resistance level for this daily cycle. Any thoughts on whether gold can achieve this price level in the next week or two?

  5. Gary

    Gold has officially broken its intermediate down trend line this morning. That being said I expect gold is going to struggle to get through resistance at 1280 until after the FOMC meeting.

  6. Spy Trader

    I’m counting days on the /ES daily cycle and getting a count of something around 44, with a trend line that come under the current market price of $1925 of about $1910 or so. Would it be reasonable to assume the S&P trades lower sometime soon to break that trend line before resuming a new daily cycle?

    1. Gary

      A break of that trend line is required to confirm a daily cycle low. Whether or not the market can correct in spite of Fed intervention remains to be seen. These aren’t natural markets anymore.

  7. Anonymous

    lmao “Conveniently forgets” Gary?

    How about you grow some morals?, you bloody con-man.

    How about you explain to people why you dumped your many paper accounts when times got tough?

    You’re such a con-artist. But you make it SO EASY for people to see it, i suspect at this point i am preaching to the choir and your service is as barren as your trading account.

    – Flea

    1. Anonymous

      Gary used to claim that his model portfolio beat 99.9% of hedge fund managers and tracked its performance right up until his leap call option trades blew his and his subscribers collective faces off. Gary claims that his strategies are “low risk” but cannot submit audited risk adjusted returns. If Gary were running money professionally the SEC would more than likely throw him in jail for front running subscribers. In fact, The Shepard attracted so many sheep that smart hedge funds took the other side of Gary’s trades whipsawing Gary (if he really makes the trades he’s blogging about) and the tools shadowing his “virtual calls.”

      P.S. Maybe after the latest stops get triggered Gary will throw that gym bag back into the garbage can and leave it there for good! Then again maybe not. Zerohedge is on to Stopler and Gartman as being great fades, Gary’s calls have been AMAZING FADES the last couple of years! Hopefully Gary will be making “money back guarantees” for years to come! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Some high quality analysts are calling the run up to 1285 a minor rally that will get hammered back down past 1200 and ultimately, breaking the previous low of 1179. Then, the final capitulation that the likes of Rick Rule have been calling for to crush the gold optimists before signalling a true bottom. Sadly, I’m balls deep into PM stocks but a short from here is probably not a bad idea.

  9. Anonymous

    I am sure that the Quest Portfolio will double in the 1st trade, but the participants can’t quit since they would just break even. What’s going to happen after the 1st trade will be interesting, there is only one thing for sure: Gary keeps the fees and wins.

  10. Anonymous

    Prediction: Quest won’t turn $1000 into 100K. It just won’t happen…not by a long shot. I’d bet a gazillion burritos against this happening! 🙂

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