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    1. Anonymous

      JPJune 24, 2014 at 6:41 AM

      Hey anonymous moron, now at 200%…

      Give it a rest, GARY!

      BTW 200% of what? 10% of your 2011 balance? lol. after he RUINED people and RUINED his own MOCK portfolios which he then CLOSED …lmao.

      lol give me a break, fool.

      Give me a break Gary!

      Do you notice folks, he will NEVER discuss his shuttering of ALL his (fake) accounts from 2011 after going DEEP into the RED, where he STILL IS.

      So this CONMAN is more than willing to show ONLY WINNING STREAKS. And when they end, SO DOES HIS RECORD KEEPING ABILITY!

      lmfao,.. yes a TRUE Hedge Fund Killer!

      What a lying sack-o-crap! The MARK of a conman.

      This guy is FINANCIAL AIDS. I told you BEFORE he liquored you up, got you STUPID, then infected you with it!

      Now who is left? NEW SUCKERS and GARY Sock-puppets!


  1. Anonymous

    it feels good going from 100 to 30 and then back to 35. there’s a long way to go before recovering all the losses. and again, show us your audited P&L or bank statement. subscribers be aware of this scam

  2. Anonymous

    Gary, you always skipped this question. if you’re an honest person you show us your P&L. why don’t you do that? WHY? WHY? WHY?

    1. Anonymous

      probably because he has better things to do. You do tend to criticize a lot. If you don’t like what he does why do you keep coming back to the site, some people just make life more difficult for themselves. Forgive and forget … it makes live more peaceful. Only been following Gary for a short while and he has been spot on. Thanks!

    2. Anonymous

      probably because he has better things to do……

      lmao, yeah, like continuing to LIE so as to keep the appearance at least, of a happening service.

      I know if I was the lying sack-o-crap that he is, it would be my main priority a well.

      He can’t show his results because THEY’RE BAD.. This FOOL picked THE WORST long term sector be play in and rode it up, and rode it ALL the way down DEEP into the red WHERE HE STILL IS (thus not able or willing to show ANY longer term results) because he is a dumb, talentless SHMUCK.

      What else is there that anyone needs to know about him that you can’t derive by readin his useless call after call untiL FINALLY! the dumb, blind monkey hit the dart board!

      Hey, if any of you REAL traders out there with REAL money riding on this CLOWN, please advise Gary, “The CLueless” that YOU don’t have one of those convenient “RESET” buttons, lmfao!



      “Only been following Gary for a short while and he has been spot on. “

      lmfao i can’t wait for this fresh meat to say this after he’s been with this talentless clown longer than a few weeks, lol

      Dude, you’ve got NO CLUE what a clown this raging lunatic is. Do youerself a favor and get away form him while the getting is good. Go do some homework on this freak-show “Hedge fund killer” loL!

  3. Anonymous

    you say you’ll be better than 99% of hedge funds? fine, they show their performance. now it’s time you show yours and we can compare

    1. Gary

      All portfolio’s except the bond portfolio are up for the year. Commodities about 11%. Metals big so far.As soon as we exit later in the fall I’ll get an exact figure.

    2. Anonymous

      Gary June 24, 2014 at 5:51 PM

      All portfolio’s except the bond portfolio are up for the year. Commodities about 11%. Metals big so far.As soon as we exit later in the fall I’ll get an exact figure.


      Hey clown act…..

      for this year? lmfao.

      How about you get REAL and grab a few more data points…Oh i know why…….

      Because it shows you as the FULL TIME LOSER YOU ARE.

      This is why you had to garbage can ALL your fake accounts and why you ONLY want to focus on the VERY FEW data points that can show a positive return. And few they are!

      How DUMB do you think people are?

      We know it’s just YOU playing with yourself anymore, and hey, I guess, diddle away all you want, CONMAN.

      We know you won’t come clean, we know you can’t beat a SPY buy and hold and we know you’ve run a negative return over the single best time-frame any fool (like yourself) would ever DREAM in getting in a market!

      And yet, there’s you, my ignorant fool, hand-jobbing yourself with PM’s the whole time, lol Missing just about EVERYTHING.

      And you want people to believe that a MONTH out of over 3 years means dick! If you had ANY DECENCY, you would have not shit-canned the accounts, hid your losses and then have the GAUL to come out here and tell everyone what a ‘winner’ you are. You’re a freaking crook and in case you haven’t noticed, we have nailed your sorry A-$$ to the wall, and rightly so.

      Dude you should just go hide under a rock. Have you NO SHAME?

      What an out and out loser and i have to say, I’ve observed quite a few in my time!

      You’re ‘special’ alright! lol

      Your LIES are even lame.

      Time to get more creative because your recent act is just not cutting it with anyone.


  4. Anonymous

    Flea – you win troll of the year award 🙂 Amazing troll you are.

    Instead of typing crap people will never read, why don’t you keep a public spreadsheet of the trades AND position sizes.

  5. Dan Hoglund

    I followed Gary once and I can’t say I was pleased with his conduct. He sold his holdings of silver ETF AGQ without notifying his readers until later. I lost a lot of money on that trade. I thought it looked like a parabola going to brake but Gary recommended buy. But indeed it was a parabola breaking. But he has some kind of talent. He does plenty of good calls. I think the reason people want to follow him is because he is very sure in what is going to happen, and if that doesn’t happen he will adjust his message but sounding sure and then being right looks very impressive when it works. Anyway after that incident I developed my own method and my own signals. I’m up 100% in a year on plenty of small trades. Gary did get me started and after following him I understood I can’t follow others to make money, I have to figure out a method that works for me. I still check Garys free recommendations from time to time but I will never be a subscriber again.

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