I see Monkey Boy is again running his mouth. Just for the record here are the actual calls. All calls were made in real time and can be verified in the archives of the and the SMT. (I’m sure Monkey Boy will have a kniption after this, if his SPX short or aussie dollar short haven’t already done so.)

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  1. Anonymous

    As I’ve said before: You are conveniently forgetting that you told your subscribers on January 30th 2013, that “Starting tomorrow I’m going to convert the model portfolio to 35% GLD and 40% SLV.” This is an admission that you still had a Model Port that was invested (and you also then gave up tracking it because your trading wasn’t working) Also February 9th 2013, you said “…If this scenario unfolds as expected I will probably use this as the
    opportunity to roll be 2014 SLV LEAPS into the 2015′s.”

    So, you had a Model Port with 35% GLD and 40% SLV, and you admitted to having SLV LEAPS well after you supposedly told everyone to exit metals. Be honest with yourself, and admit that anyone who followed you lost a lot of money as a result. You did not get your subscribers safely out of metals.

  2. Gary

    For those that wanted to take an Old Turkey approach that was the preferred positions. A few did just go Old Turkey. For most we exited everything on Jan 24th.

    Here is the January 24th report.

    “I think I’ve had enough. For what ever reason liquidity from QE4 is being prevented from flowing into the metals for now. I

    don’t think it can last forever but it’s certainly been successful for the last two months. (I’m wondering if this has something to do with Germany repatriating

    their gold.)

    The miners are acting like gold is going to generate another left translated cycle. If that happens then it could be 4-6 weeks before another ICL.

    I”ll hold the LEAPS and there’s no sense selling the GDX calls, but everything else gets jettisoned until I see a rising intermediate cycle.”

  3. Gary

    That being said the odds are now good I’m going to miss the next IC top. I’ve had a nice run and it’s probably time I miss a call. I’ll probably exit too early, and the intermediate cycle will run longer or higher than I think.

    History is pretty clear. When ever a guru is hot that’s usually the time he starts missing calls. Then it’s time to go find the cold guru as it’s probably his turn.

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and get one more good call before hitting a cold streak. But make no mistake everyone has cold streaks. No system works 100% of the time.

  4. Anonymous

    “. it’s probably time I miss a call.”

    yeah, for 2 years you’ve been 1 for 56 and are STILL underwater…….so what’s the difference lol.

    “But make no mistake everyone has cold streaks. No system works 100% of the time. “

    Don’t confuse being ‘right’ with throwing enough darts that ANYONE will eventually stop hitting the floor, lol

    You’ll never live down the lies, but I appreciate not needing radar, once spotted. lol.

    Too bad you didn’t have enough honesty to keep your losing port’s up, but then you’d still show negative returns and we cannot have that can we!

    Lying Douche-bag

    Who do you think you’re kidding anymore? You can see it in the sub-count, fool.


  5. Anonymous

    SHOW US YOUR AUDITED P&L!!! don’t trust any service without an audited performance.

  6. Anonymous

    if you were such a good trader you wouldn’t sell subscription services. in fact you’ve been wrong most of the times

  7. Anonymous

    talk about cherry picking your calls, savage … how disingenuous … you make predictions on a regular basis that rarely & I mean rarely pan out .. they are completely untradeable … you are a complete danger & disaster for any novice to intermediate trader, even for advanced traders … those who know, do, those who don’t, talk

  8. Anonymous

    Gary for awhile you were really pounding the table on how Gold had not bottomed and that there needed to be a final capitulation stage. Your recent entry was good if not great but be careful about tooting your own horn.

    1. Gary

      Gold had a certain time frame to give us the capitulation phase. When it failed to do that then the capitulation phase came off the table, and that was where the June 5th entry came into play.

      A trader has to have an expectation, but if the market changes and tells you your expectation isn’t going to pan out there’s no sense in sticking stubbornly to it. Kong stubbornly short the Aussie dollar all year and now the stock market is a perfect example.

      My expectation for a capitulation kept me out from March 17th till June 5th. By the beginning of June it was becoming too late in the intermediate cycle for the capitulation phase to play out so I reversed my expectations 180 degrees and entered at the daily cycle low.

      I think the secular bull has resumed, but if something were to happen to tell me otherwise I will have no probably exiting and going right back to the capitulation scenario.

    2. LuckyLuke

      Gary, if you don t mind me asking. In an older post you mentioned not to always mind gaps, what s your take on today’s JNUG doing exactly that, erasing all yesterdays move down to 25$, there is another gap at 29.5$ on the 15min chart.

    1. Anonymous

      I’d bet a gazillion burritos that 1) he won’t show you his P/L. Also 2) Even if he were to come with something with regard to P&L, then I’d bet a gazillion burritos that there would be no way to verify it is accurate. He should just fess up and admit he can’t beat the S&P over time, or even plain old T-bills over time. Anyone who is really a gold bug either needs to figure out a way to trade it profitably on their own, or buy and hold and tune out Gary’s calls. JMHO!

    2. Anonymous

      “The Climber” is like Timmy “Slope Of Dopes” Knight who has been shorting the equity market for 5 (+/-) years. .They’re BOTH great snake oil salesman (i.e. marketers) who attract part of the “Lunatic Fringe” who plan for the world’s demise. Too bad these “virtual traders” will never be exposed for the charlatans they are and the SEC doesn’t throw their @ss’ in jail! 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    I am very grateful to have Gary as my main indicator. I just do the opposite from what Gary’s says, and it works like a charm. Gary is a beast !! Thank you Gary for job well done

    1. Anonymous

      Damn Skippy… Aside from Tom Stolper and Dennis Gartman, GarySavage aka “The Climber” is the biggest FADE in the business! I’ll bet you and him a burrito (if he still eats them) that “The Shepard” and his flock of sheep tuck tail and run sometime soon closing out what’s left of their unrealized gains. 😉

      P.S. You can also bet that “The Climber” will have closed out his positions long before he issues a tweet or post to his sheep making sure he frontruns their exited trades. Same as it ever was! :-$

    2. JP

      Man you are losing a ton of money as the G-man called the exact bottom in miners at the beginning of the month. You might want to rethink that strategy.

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