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  1. Anonymous

    After a run-up like that, a big down day is quite normal, there were 2 of them in Feb, I would not use a conspiracy theory to explain it.

    1. Anonymous

      its not a big down day, its a not for profit dump of 3000 contracts all at once… noone “taking profits” does this

  2. Anonymous

    So explain why last night, 3,000 contracts were dumped in a time frame in which 100 would typically be dumped. That’s normal to you?

  3. Gary

    I see monkey boy got it wrong again.


    The dollar is going down not up. With the dollar entering the timing band for a final three year cycle low decline, one just can’t bet long on the dollar. One can make no bet at all, or stay on the sidelines (safest play at the moment and the only one I’m willing to make) but you can’t be long.

    Monkey boy also missed the gold bottom. As a matter of fact on the morning of last weeks big move he was calling for gold to go back down. Thankfully we didn’t listen to him and our positions taken weeks earlier delivered another big move higher.


  4. Anonymous

    ohhh come on Anonymous 2. Gary has been wrong for the past 3 years but the sector seems to have bottomed for the moment. It will be choppy with huge spikes but for the moment it looks the big move down is over.

    1. Anonymous

      Gary June 25, 2014 at 6:21 AM

      Wrong? Seriously?


      You’re STILL underwater from the AzZ-HANDING you gave your subs and YOU KNOW IT, because you had to DUMP ALL of your bogus paper accounts as they went SCREAMING underwater SO FAR you, EVEN YOU, knew you were NEVER getting back to even…… so $hit-can the paper accounts! and press the RESET BUTTON. Easy to do when you’re a criminal with no conscience.

      And both YOU and the RETARD subs that followed you ARE STILL underwater.

      Keep running that DUMB mouth Gary, you just keep fueling the fire of what really, has already been a COLOSSAL implosion of your service, and RIGHTLY SO.

      GO ahead and continue to DENY the truth, lol.

      You and everyone here longer than a few months KNOWS FOR A FACT I called your sorry azZ to revert to the LOSER you and your ‘system’ is.

      Fortunately for those that listened, I saved them from YOUR NONSENSE, FOR FREE.

      So YEs, Gary-Tard,

      WRONG. SERIOUSLY. Think about it, STUPID.

      You’re a liar and is why you have NO subscriber base left. You have NO MORALS and are COMPLETELY DISHONEST. My grandson that still believe in Santa but has found you out lol.

      Ooops sorry I suspect I just spoiled the day for the handful of subs that remain with the Santa thing.

      I mean let’s be honest. If they’re dumb enough to believe your nonsense, they probably still believe in Santa and the tooth-fairy too.



    2. Anonymous

      Yeah, people seem to want to believe that Gary has a reliable system for timing the market, but the wheels fell off his cycles years ago. If someone tosses 100 darts, one of them is likely, out of pure luck, to be a bulls eye, but that doesn’t mean they’re a great dart player 🙂

    3. Anonymous

      I WILL give Gary-Tard ONE THING.

      He would make an EXCELLENT CULT Leader.

      For the rest of you feeble minded peasants,… My best suggestion would be to KEEP AWAY FROM CULTS and their would-be Leaders.

      This is CLOWN is the Jim Jones of Investing.


      – Flea

    4. Anonymous

      mmm sounds like a very angry person with a personal vendetta who is sounding more like a cult leader themselves. I think the ‘peasants’ are intelligent enough to make up their own minds. People who come to the site would like to read about gold talk rather than weird rants as it is getting boring now. It is sad that you are so unhappy to waste this much time and energy and something you think is bad. Or if you know all the answers about gold please feel free to share them. LOOK FORWARD TO READING MORE FROM GARY & others who are interested in precious metals only.

  5. Anonymous

    Gary that GDX chart in interesting.I was eyeballing that.But if you go back a couple of weeks on that chart to 1/24/14. We have rallied almost the same amount of days and price on this latest rally.We have even pulled back about the same amount so far.

  6. Anonymous

    Gary said, “Almost no hedge funds will match this if this is what is progressing. And I think we are seeing the resumption of the bull. Three years from now at the top of the next C-wave or the top of the bubble phase we will have outperformed virtually every hedge fund in the world. No doubt about it. All we require is for the secular bull to return and finish his work. ”

    You may get lucky in a metals bull market, but don’t confuse brains with a bull market. That doesn’t mean the losses your subscribers incurred from the bear didn’t happen….’cause they did. If you think it is now a metals bull, you should probably just buy and hold because you will probably screw it up trying to trade in and out just live you’ve done in the past….your subscribers believe way too much in your ability to time the market accurately….they really ought to be much more skeptical of your ability. Of course, if it’s not the start of a new bull, then your subscribers will get killed whether they buy and hold, or whether they try to trade in and out based on your calls.

    1. Anonymous

      Oh….and I should also point out that, for many/most of Gary’s subscribers, I suspect their biggest “position” is a capital loss carryforward. 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      Oh, you KNOW he’s gonna skip this question, lol

      No wait, he’ll tell you the last MONTH out of the last 3-4 years! lol


      Because he’s a crook, and not a very imaginative one at that 🙂

      – Flea (the REAL Santa Claus) hehe

  7. Anonymous

    Fela Fleabag whatever your name is – trolls like you are fascinating, keep it up. I’m enjoying the show.

  8. Spy Trader

    Flea – what in the world has happened to you? I mean, you could be a happy person, one who is grateful for their life – for this very day. Does not matter if you are rich or poor in your bank account my friend – only if your heart is rich with joy and gratitude for all that you have. As a man thinks, so he is. A heart filled with venom and poison is killing your joy Flea. We all see it – read it – and hurt for your choice.

    The good news is you can make a new choice. You write that you are already a grandparent. My friend, if true, the majority of your years are long gone. Do you really want to conclude your life like this? Bitter? Disillusioned about the value of your life to do good – to experience joy – to be valued as something other than a sour rotted lemon?

    Please, for yourself and no one else, make a new choice. You CAN make a new choice Flea.

    1. Anonymous

      “Flea – what in the world has happened to you?”

      I decided to save the people frmo Gary’s retardedness BEFORE they took the hit.

      Hey, you’re welcome.

      Unfortunately, from the retards still gulping Gary’s nonsense and didn’t listen, well, all I can say is,..MAYBE you will get a chance to use all of those tax-loss carry forwards, lol, but recall when this FOOL found his way accidentally on top for a spell (as random events will always happen) I NOTED IT AS SUCH, BEFORE his eventual regression to his mean, (A FULL TIME LOSER).

      And again, you’re welcome.

      I might suggest you lay off the Kool-Aid Spy-Trader. You supporting this Jackass for any reason does NOTHING for you.

      The good news is, you can stop sucking Tard-d**k any time.


  9. Anonymous

    Dude.. you sure spend a lot of time on Gary’s board… P&L or not, you got a little crush on him or what?
    I get your point, we all do, but you are not adding anything of value and you are wearing out your keyboard….

  10. Anonymous

    when i read this on your website Gary “Investing in the financial markets can involve considerable risk. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance” i say: thanks God that past performance is not an indication of future performance otherwise where we would be? maybe we would have more debt than all the unfunded liabilities of the united states

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