Stocks may be entering a final bubble phase over the next 1-3 weeks if they don’t start a hard correction on Monday.

6 thoughts on “CHARTS OF THE DAY

  1. Anonymous

    But, but, but…Tepper is no longer nervous…what do you know that he doesn’t….and he can actually prove he was is a successful trader, with an audited track record, and you don’t have that kind of proof at all. (not that I don’t suspect Tepper could be secretly selling his holdings into this rally)

  2. Amy Polos

    There will be no crash, at best we will see a 2-4% this year. This is the democrats last hope for an up market and they are bend on keeping it elevated at least until election. Hello 2100 S&P 500 and NAZDQ will see 5000.

  3. chris

    Gary, do you think we will see 1500 gold this year? BTW Keep up the good work. Your calls are almost always spot on.

  4. Anonymous

    Gary, with the FED meeting on Wednesday, there’s no way the markets will be allowed to correct before then.

    Also, what do you think about the latest tungsten filled gold discovery in China?
    Germany & Austria had their audit of the UK gold supplies… any news on how that went?
    Will we see a flood of gold auditing now?

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