I’m going to restart the quest portfolio. I’m going to extend a one time offer with a money back guarantee. If on the first trade we don’t double our money I’ll refund the purchase price of the subscription.
That’s right your risk is only the amount of capital you place on the initial trade. Now here are the conditions for participation. The quest portfolio is going to start with an initial investment of $1000 with an investment goal of turning that $1000 into $100,000 over the course of the next 1-2 years. If you don’t wish to risk $1000 you can always start smaller, but no one can use more than $1000 on the initial trade. With the performance guarantee your risk is only the amount you place on the first trade. If you risk the full $1000 that is your total risk as your subscription fee is guaranteed and will be refunded if the first trade doesn’t at least double.
A strict limit of no more than $1000 for the initial trade is mandatory for several reasons. First, depending on how many people decide to partake in the quest portfolio I don’t want to spike the options market. So we have to limit the initial trade to no more than $1000 for each trader. 
Second there is serious risk that the quest portfolio will not make it to $100,000 (although there’s nothing stopping anyone from exiting at anytime you feel like you’ve made “enough”) During the last Quest when the portfolio was up 1000% I advised everyone that it might not be a bad idea to take their profits at that point and walk away as I had a feeling the manipulation was going to return in the metals, and if it did it would be very hard to continue the winning streak. Needless to say that was a prophetic call, and those that took the money and ran turned a $300 initial investment into $3000.
If the first trade is a winner and we at least double the portfolio to $2000 then you can take your original investment and profits and exit at that point at break even if you desire.  If you decide to continue and see if we can reach the goal you should still remove your first $1000 and put it back in your pocket so that the purchase price of the subscription is paid for.
Next let me stress that this is not a strategy where one can go all in. There is going to be no risk control with the quest portfolio. We are either going to turn $1000 into $100,000 or the portfolio is going to go bust. It’s up to you to remove your original investment once we are into profits and then decide how far you want to go. It’s entirely possible that we could make it to $10,000 or even $50,000 and then go to 0 on the next trade. As long as you pulled your original investment out then you would have lost nothing (although it will be incredibly frustrating to get that close and then have to start all over. I can envision a lot of hair being pulled out if that where to occur.)
The price of admission to the quest portfolio is $1000. All AP subscribers will automatically get quest updates. 
All subscriptions have to be bought and paid for before the market opens on Monday as once the first trade is placed no more subscriptions will be sold. 
Trade alerts will be emailed and a text alert will be sent. If you aren’t going to be able to respond to a trade alert immediately during the day then you might not want to participate as it will be impossible to track the portfolio if you can’t place a trade immediately when it is signaled.  
Again let me reiterate that your total risk is the amount you place on the first trade which can not exceed $1000. Your $1000 subscription price is guaranteed and will be refunded if the first trade doesn’t at least profit 100%. If you can not afford to risk $1000 on the first trade then either risk a smaller amount or don’t participate in the quest. Let me stress again there will be no risk control with the quest. It is going to be an all or nothing strategy. This is not an acceptable strategy to risk your life savings on as the risk of loosing everything is too high. It is an acceptable strategy to risk $1000 or less on but that is the maximum. 
If you want to participate in the Quest email a request to me at [email protected] and I will email you a payment link.
You must be able to buy call and put options if you are going to participate in the Quest.


41 thoughts on “QUEST PORTFOLIO

  1. Anonymous

    So the previous Quest Portfolio started with $300 and at one point it reached $3,000. What was its value when it officially ended and how long did it take?

      1. Jacob

        Hi Gary, am I to late for this trade? I’ve tried to hit your email link, it does not open. I’m in Australia, which might cancel me out. Cheers mate

  2. Spy Trader

    This is exciting, for sure!

    I think I understand that my trade size, should I decide to participate, must NOT be larger than $1,000.

    What is a little less clear is my cost to participate in the offer. Does that also cost $1,000? And whatever the cost is, the cost to participate is refunded to me if the first trade does not earn at least a 100% return?

  3. Goldie

    Spy Trader – I think the offer states that the full $1,000 subscription price is refunded if the first trade does not double your trade investment. It’s a bit confusing because the trade size is not to exceed $1,000 – which coincidentally is the same price as the subscription offer.

    The way I read this the most a guy could actually lose is the amount placed on the actual first trade – the $1,000 subscription fee is returned to you if the first trade does not double in value. You lose the ‘up to $1,000’ you used to buy the options BUT you get back the $1,000 subscription fee.

    No idea how long the first trade will be held but as their are options I would not think terribly long.

  4. Anonymous

    This is what it’s come to? Sell those newsletters! The gold bull isn’t over, but with offers like this it’s clear we’re nowhere near resumption of the bull. Patience is required, options are a dead man’s game.

  5. Anonymous

    Yea I hear you, but from $1,000 to $100,000, who can resist? I am very excited, this is exactly the type of opportunity I have been looking for. Sounds like the chance of doubling in the first trade is very high, I won’t tell how much I am going to bet.

    1. Anonymous

      “Sounds like the chance of doubling in the first trade is very high”

      Yes, it does sound that way, probably work too, our wiring virtually guarantees nobody will hang resist the urge to cash out early, so we want to bet heavier on the first roll of the dice and will accept only doubling our money in a few days. I’m alongside you on this bet, it’s clear the G-factor thinks he sees a unique starting point early next week. It’s important we remember not to be fully positioned, we should lay paltry 1K bets like a gambling addict.

      Place your bets, gentlemen.

  6. Guliz Katayifci

    Some graffic say going down until 1050 some graffic say 1200 some your graffic gary say from 1240to go up my head turning all analyst i believe your graffic but some times i saw different prize.i have gold but if gold going down also i want to buy again.i am bullish and bearis :))

    1. Gary

      What do you want me to say. I think gold is at or very close to an intermediate bottom. Other analysts don’t think so. That’s what makes a market.

  7. Anonymous

    We’ve seen this movie before, and, let’s just say it doesn’t end too well for the subscribers.

  8. Anonymous

    Gary collects only $1000 from each participant, but each participant has a chance to profit 100X. Too good to pass the deal. This is THE best opportunity I have ever seen.

    1. Anonymous

      Exactly–Gary collects $1,000 from each participant, which means, Gary’s financial risk is 0 while said participant’s risk is up to $1,000. Meanwhile Gary earns interest on the participant’s money while doing nothing more than sending out random tweets and texts to trade options. Sounds like a great deal for Gary as he has absolutely no risk. Why not man up and send these out for free and then maybe get more subscribers by being successful instead of asking for a $1,000 deposit???

    2. Gary

      LOL how much interest do you think I can earn in a few weeks while the first trade works?

      Again I have to ask, do you people even stop to think before posting this nonsense?

  9. Anonymous

    “I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF SUBSCRIBERS IN THE QUEST IF IT GETS TOO LARGE.” // I guess I’m in the wrong business, if you actually get a significant amount of muppets to sign up.

  10. Anonymous

    Is this legal? Seriously? Why nobody reports this SCAM to the FTC. We already know what kind of record this thief has. Oh well….there is always a new sucker.

    1. Gary

      LOL how can it be a scam when it comes with a money back guarantee. Geez do you people even think before you write?

  11. Anonymous

    already closed to new subscribers…I thought we had until market open tomorrow morning?

  12. Anonymous

    What a stupid idea, you sound nothing like a serious analyst or investor. No risk control, make $1,000 or go bust! You live in Vegas after all!

    1. Gary

      If you can’t risk $1000 or $200 or whatever you want to bet on the first trade then don’t subscribe. The fee is guaranteed if the first trade doesn’t gain at least 100%.

    2. Anonymous

      Gary, it’s not the money, just the concept of no risk control and outlandish visions of returns. I used to be a sub and liked that you’ve had a method and stuck to risk management and didn’t have to resort to boiler room type advertising. You are telling the market that the gold market bottomed and you will make money and not asking the question what if you’re wrong? You can do better than that

    3. Gary

      Think for a minute. There is risk control. Can you guess what it is? That’s right no one is going to start with more than $1000. That is the maximum risk that anyone has. $1000. If one doesn’t want to risk $1000 then they are free to bet smaller.

      Seriously do you even think before you post or are you so focused on being a troll that you don’t care if you look like a gook?

    4. Anonymous

      I don’t think of myself as a troll, just don’t think that get rich quick schemes ever work in investing. You used to be a hard working investor and a classy guy, not anymore. I wish you good luck with your quest though

    5. Gary

      Obviously this was never intended to be a get rich quick scheme. If we do accomplish the goal it will probably take the better part of two years. I’ve informed everyone that the odds are very small that we will make it all the way to 100,000. But if an intermediate degree rally has begun the odds are good that we can do 300-500% over the next couple of months. At that point everyone has the option to take their winning and quit. No one has to keep playing.

      Heck if one makes a five bagger on a $1000 initial investment that’s a pretty good deal. Go use the money for a very nice vacation.

  13. Anonymous

    sniff, sniff.

    Yep, it’s that sweet smell of desperation.

    Somebody give me a stick so i can get it off my shoe.

    Unbelievable. But hey, it’s not mandatory! lmao.


  14. Anonymous

    Gary your a genius. Heads you keep 1k/person. Tails your flat. Wish I had that risk/reward.

  15. Anonymous

    I like reading the articles and have found them useful and accurate. They have helped me in my decisions. Isn’t it better to talk about the gold price and get into a meaningful discussion? rather than just sounding a bit immature.

  16. Stella Tyler

    I would like to informed everybody that the chances are little that we will make everything the route to 100,000. At the same time if a middle degree rally has started the chances are great that we can do 350-550% throughout the following couple of months. By then everybody has the choice to take their winning and quit. Nobody need to continue playing. Click here.

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