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  1. JP

    Hey Anon,
    Booked my profits at almost 180%.

    Instead of the worthless crap you post, show us that you can do better. Give us some real trade ideas… then we can critique you in hindsight.

    That will never happen though because you would never have the balls to stick your neck out every day like Gary does.

    1. Anonymous

      As I said before: Oh wow! you made back $800 of the initial $1000 you paid Gary. Congratulations you’re almost back to even (excluding all Gary’s past losses), and you have to pay taxes the $800 gain as well. The government must love you. 🙂 As I said before, plain old cash held in an FDIC insured bank account has a high probability of beating Gary’s results over time. Don’t get too focused on short-term gains with options…anyone can hit it big with options in the short-term….let’s see how well the Quest port does over the next 1 to 3 years….it has a high probability of crashing and burning. $1000 to $100,000? I’d bet a gazillion burritos that it will NEVER, EVER happen….and I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet. 🙂

    2. JP

      Hey moron,

      You can’t even do math. The original $1000 trade is now worth $2800.

      Like I said, man up and stick your neck out. Give us some trades. I have no respect for someone who’s only claim to fame is as a hindsight critic.

      In my book you’re just a parasitic little flea. Until you actually make some trades that the rest of us can track no one is ever going to pay any attention to your drivel.

    3. Anonymous

      Stil doesn’t matter one iota!….you will still give it back anyway…..Oh wow! Only 97.2K left until you hit $100K….which still ain’t ever gonna happen! Again, I’d simply just take that $2800 and put it in an FDIC insured bank account and you have an extremely high probability of beating Gary’s performance, over time, from this point forward. You are GAMBLING if you continue to follow Gary, and the odds are high you will give it all back and more, if you continue to GAMBLE by following Gary. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, Mr. Gambler! 🙂

    4. Gary

      “Still doesn’t matter one iota!….you will still give it back anyway”

      Not if the secular bull is resuming we won’t. We will have entered at almost the exact bottom of the bear market and will ride the next leg up in the bull market.

      Almost no hedge funds will match this if this is what is progressing. And I think we are seeing the resumption of the bull. Three years from now at the top of the next C-wave or the top of the bubble phase we will have outperformed virtually every hedge fund in the world. No doubt about it. All we require is for the secular bull to return and finish his work.

  2. Anonymous

    Gary, does this mean you have sold your positions and are looking for a retracement of some kind before getting back in?

  3. Goldie

    I admire that you are not a sore loser Anonymous, that takes class. I’m going to follow you with your cash position and know as you make trades this will be the first place I can find out about them. You have confidence and know you are a great investor. I like that. I’m just damned lucky you blog here so it will help me! So, we’re in cash now. Probably not dug into our back yard dirt but in T-Bills, right? Anything in particular you are eyeing to buy for your (and my) next big and profitable trade? Maybe some oil sector stuff…that’s been on fire. Or maybe just buy SPY and let it go at that? I’ll take your direction but I would kinda like to see your 3 year P+L if that’s not asking too much. I’ll take your word for it if you just post it here. And I’d love to see some charts with your insights revealed so I can be comfortable with your trade calls. Maybe you could get a website to do that for your followers? It’s free at Google, so I hope that’s not asking too much. Please? Also, do you also provide trade stops? I’ll have to be mindful of that. And I hope you will recommend what percentage of my portfolio will be given to each of your trades. For now, it’s simple because it’s 100% cash – but later as you start helping me make money I’ll really need to follow your strategy and skills to the infinite detail. Heck, this is exciting. Truly exciting. I’ll check back often so I don’t miss anything you either say or trade. Thanks!!

  4. Gary

    Just the Quest position. I want to use more leverage for the next trade and now that we have a confirmed intermediate cycle low I can use shorter duration options at the next DCL.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Goldie

    I’m having a difficult time figuring out which Anonymous is the guy with the guts and brains I am trying to follow with the great trade insights. Whichever Anonymous you are, could you kindly give yourself another posting name? It’s fairly simple. Where it says ‘Comment as:’ you click to then select ‘Name/URL’. Enter your name and then I will not have to try and find you as ‘Anonymous’. You don’t have enter a URL. Heck, I don’t enter a URL. And I know you don’t have a subscription service with a URL (and neither do I). So no big deal. But please give me (and those interested in your insights) an identifying name so we can follow your trades and leave the other folks who wish to be identified as Anonymous out of our discussion.

    OK. So today the SPY was down somewhat sharply. Is it time to jump on shorting the stock market? Oil was marginally lower. What is your take on that? Maybe it topped a couple days ago and there is a great opportunity to short that as well? IBB closed positive but kind of looks like a reversal – any insights? And something that makes much sense to me whatsoever – gold closed positive but miners (GDX, anyway) look like they got hit on the head with a hammer. What do you make of that?

    I’m sittin’ in cash with your bro. Just waiting to jump on your next trade and then I’ll have braggin’ rights for myself. It’s been a long long time since I could come onto a blog and claim braggin’ rights – but with your help, I’m almost there.

    Still in cash or we got a trade or something to watch for tomorrow (I hope)?

  7. Anonymous


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