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  1. Goldman


    I know that Gold should be the main being actor when the market corrects and inflation rises. What will be the effect on other metals such as Silver, copper and such. Will a market correction cause these to spike as well?

    1. gary Post author

      I don’t think the market has to correct. I think it just needs to stagnate and go sideways so the easy money ends. When that happens then traders will start looking for someplace else to invest.

  2. Silence is Golden

    At the same point in many respects … not just the level on the CRB Index.
    Is the next year bringing a 50% ++ increase in the CRB ? Only to then experience a black swan that will drive it back down as per previous. Extrapolate the movements out two years and where are we at.
    Miners are looking interesting to date. Better performance than the S&P and Dow indexes. Money has started to move in anticipation of Commodities. Oil looks to be leading the pack.

    1. gary Post author

      How many of those have we heard over the last 2 years? 🙂

      Eventually someone will get it right.

      1. Eric

        I have dismissed all of them, but I would not quickly dismiss Mark Cook. I suggest to check out him and his proprietary indicator. I am not saying that I agree with him 100%, but he made me think, and I did learn a few things when checking it out.

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