9 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. James


    Do you think oil bottomed out yesterday, after the rebound we have seen over the last two days? If so do you think we should get use to oil trading above $105 for the rest of the year?

    1. gary Post author

      My gut says there’s another move lower still but I did take a position in oil today with a stop right below yesterday’s low just in case I’m wrong.

  2. Michael

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for the charts.
    Do you think this price effect on oil and the CRB is why the daily gold cycle has been more extended than normal (30+ days) and may still have a another few days until Monday or Tuesday with a spike to $1275?

    Kind regards


      1. anon211

        Tried to sign up for trial subscription, but was unable to. Got a “transaction failed” message, no explanation given.

  3. James


    Looks like oil has confirmed that it wants to run again. What are your thoughts of this action?

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