7 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Bill

    Gary, it seems cycles now work again, after last yrs manipulation. You caught the early Jan run up to mid-March, and got out; then caught the next big run up in June, and got out. As you know on the June run, using just my TA-only eyes, I thought it was a big bear flag, so I flat out missed it. Your cycles came in right on cue, and you rode the wave higher. That really showed me that cycles work again. Well done!

    Now, 0 for 2, what to do next, I am thinking. 😉

    1. Ken

      Q: Can a cycle be counted compete without breaking it?

      A: Here are the conditions for it to happen:

      If there is an accelerated trend line, then the breach of the accelerated trend line would confirm the daily cycle decline. So it is possible to have a break of the acerbated trend line but not the daily cycle trend line.

      If a swing low occurs below the accelerated trend line but above the daily cycle trend line then the conditions are there for this to happen. Then a break to new highs confirms that the swing low was the daily cycle low.


  2. Bill

    Whoa! Spot gold down $9 in Europe … looks like Gary nailed this one too – both getting out, and then waiting for the next cycle low.

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