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  1. M.D.Cov

    Gary FWIW the Elliot Wave team thinks the US Dollar is at it’s peak ($92.63 — 2005 high) and now bearish on it and obviously NOW bullish on the Euro and thinks a bottom is in (1.177 Index).

    They have been bullish on gold and silver for quite since November and just released an alert for higher prices going forward and rightfully so as gold closes near it’s intraday high with GDX miners even stronger closing at it’s highest since October 27th!

    The trend is YOUR friend.

    1. gary Post author

      Well other than my doubts about a final euro bottom until after the ECB meeting and the Greek vote I’m seeing the same thing.

        1. gary Post author

          It seems that OPEC has an agenda to keep oil lower so I really can’t say where oil is going to bottom.

      1. M.D.Cov

        You’re SPOT on Gary as usual…….

        I’m CURRENTLY 1/3 in gold mining stocks, 1/3 inverse oil ETF and 1/3 long equities as a hedge.

  2. past subscriber

    Hey Gary,

    Just FYI: I’d love to renew my subscription to your premium website, but I don’t feel comfortable signing up with my credit card directly – especially not with auto-renewals on, but even if they weren’t, I very rarely use my credit card on small websites.

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