7 thoughts on “CHARTS OF THE DAY

  1. Dan

    Agreed – not looking good. Miners plummeted when the market rolled over intraday. Glad I sold my GDXJ last week and the rest of my AGQ today.

  2. gary Post author

    Tighten stops to at least break even. Don’t let the banksters steal any money from you.

  3. Joe

    In October 2008 HUI bounced off 150 and ended up over 400 in April 09. In October 2014 HUI again bounced off 150 and is behaving identically to the 2008 pattern. “Look left to be right”.

  4. Stefan

    mmmm, I don’t see a new low later this year in gold. The low is in and it was first week of Nov 2014. Some bearishness mid Feb maybe.

  5. Stefan

    HFT has some restrictions from today, so tech analysis would work a little bit better in 2015. Positive news for gold&silver.

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