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    1. gary Post author

      At the moment the boyz are trying to negate the reversal and pick the pockets of everyone that bought yesterday. I knew this was a possibility. But once we do get a clear daily cycle low I doubt the rally will be “allowed” to go much beyond $1255 and very unlikely they will let $1280 get broken.

    1. gary Post author

      I’ve been skeptical that the Naz will get too 5100 during this intermediate cycle but it’s starting to look like it may actually get there.

    2. roy mcintyre

      The market does feel heavy. I too have thought “easy money” for a long time, but now I wonder if those days are about to come to an end. It no longer feels like climbing a wall of worry… it feels like running on fumes or going through the motions. On the other hand, every time for the last 5 years that I have thought that the good times were ending, the market has exploded to the upside. Shows you what I know.

    1. mark

      The market just refuses to let down. Not even the normal 2-3% correction. Gary estimated 5100 level…now what?

      1. Bob UK


        Yes, it sounds nuts but with the EU kicking the Greece can down the road till late June… what black swans are there? Russia maybe?

        I am pretty sure that some QE / IMF deal will be arranged for Greece that will involve numerous countries outside of the EU such as the UK and US. They simply cannot afford to let Greece fail as it would take everything down.

        I think conventional markets are going to go higher than any of us dreamed.

        1. Bob UK

          The Greek deal is now apparently not a deal – the loan extension has been agreed but apparently the terms will be negotiated next week.

          This could all still fall apart – very high stake poker going on.

          Put a hold on those conventional markets soaring until we hear what the deal actually is – and we might not know that till the last day of the month.

  1. Jonathan

    I read that iWatch is not a hi-tech smart watch, it’s a fashion. So Jobs was a tech geek, Cook is a businessman? iWatch is the 1st real post-Jobs new product (except services such as Apple Pay), its fate will determine how the world views Cook. And a lot of people’s (including my) financial success or failure will heavily depend on how Apple does. 🙂

  2. mark

    Looks like we may see the 2-3% correction this week …. it could be the Greeks not agreeing to the terms. Monday the fall should scare the bulls.

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