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  1. Jonathan

    I am not a futures guy, nor a crude oil guy, just being curious. Any thought welcome.
    In TOS the /CL intraday chart displays a big gap from 42.xx to 44.xx overnight due to the contract change. Why such a big gap between the contracts? Is the storage really drying up?

  2. MuffinBottom

    Gary, I must say you were calling for biotech to be the next bubble a decade ago but it happened quicker than you thought and so I assume you were unfortunately not able to capitalize on it like you could have particularly considering your foresightedness in the matter.

    1. gary Post author

      Biotech isn’t even close to being a bubble yet. That phase will come after a hard correction. I expect to catch most of it.
      … and I will be the only one buying at the bottom in 2016. Everyone else will think it’s the start of a new bear market. It won’t be. It will be the start of the biotech bubble.

      1. MuffinBottom

        “… and I will be the only one buying at the bottom in 2016.”

        I see you like to employ hyperbolicism – correct me if I’m wrong or misunderstand your hyperbolicness ; it takes more than one buyer to create a bubble phase

  3. roy mcintyre

    What the hell was announced today? I can’t check the markets at work, but it’s the first thing I look at when I get home. Obviously the Fed (or someone) said something this afternoon at about 1:30. Who and what?

    1. gary Post author

      Doveish statement. Open ended on when they will raise rates.

      As expected it triggered a top in the dollar.

  4. John

    Sweden dives deeper into negative territory
    Krona weakens as Riksbank cuts rate to minus 0.25%

  5. Bob UK

    IBB is up about 10% since I first read about it on here Gary – seems to be going up no matter what anything else does.

    1. gary Post author

      I doubt the Nasdaq will make a sustained move above 5132 without triggering an intermediate degree correction so IBB should have a pullback coming. The next bottom is due in early May after we reach the intermediate top.

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