13 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. victor

    After successful shorts and longs last week I step aside with oil. SPX can turn down, mean dollar up, mean oil down, but, maybe Friday we see today’s continuation…

  2. gary Post author

    Where are all the trolls that were telling me how wrong I was about oil when it was in the mid 40’s?

    Now after a 20% rally I think I can say with confidence they were flat out wrong and lost their ass on their shorts while we’ve made some nice profits on this bear market rally and likely still have further to go.

    With the Nasdaq within spitting distance of 5132 I think I can call that one a win also.

    Now it just remains to be seen which scenario will play out in the dollar. Will it be a triangle consolidation for several weeks, or a real intermediate degree correction down to 95 or maybe even 92ish? Either way I’m pretty confident the dollar isn’t going above 100 until one of those two scenarios plays out.

    Dang the trolls got nothing to work with 🙂

    1. gary Post author

      As recall you were one of those telling me how wrong I was when oil was in the 40’s.

    1. Bob UK

      Oops, forgot to say that perhaps this is indicative of the bottoming process that you mentioned Gary?

  3. Jim Cox

    Spin it to win it Gary. Publish your portfolio performance since 2012 before your start sticking your chest out mate.

    1. gary Post author

      2010 was a huge positive year. Some who were willing to use leverage were up 400%.
      2011 average year as gold and silver topped that year.
      2012 up roughly 20%
      2013 down year as gold and silver entered bear markets.
      2014 focused mostly on the stock market and easily beat the S&P with a 16% gain.
      So far this year even though the markets are stuck in a range we are again handily beating the S&P.

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