11 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Grand

    Gary, curious, what makes you think that crude is heading lower? Thanks for your insights.

    1. gary Post author

      Two reasons. I think the dollar has another leg up and there is too much supply.

  2. Gary

    If all you get is “flack,” why do you post your commentary online at no cost?

      1. Dan

        I for one appreciate your commentary Gary, thank you. I think there are many in the shadows that feel the same way.

        Trolls come and go, not many stay long enough to get called on their posts after the dust settles.

  3. JohnJ

    Wow, can’t believe Gary has these critics! Being in the Market now feels like taking a cruise on th Titanic. Gary’s recent record clearly shows he has access to the sonar room and will be among the first to yell out the order to launch the life boats when we hit the iceberg!

  4. Bob UK

    You certainly have called all the above correctly Gary – having read your blog and listened to you for about a year now you have been pretty much correct on things.

    Still waiting for that drop in conventional stocks but I am watching those markets with much interest now to see whether we get another 100 or so points down on the NASDAQ.

  5. MuffinBottom

    Gary, no offense, but you’ve been ‘warning us about an intermediate degree correction in the $USD’ not only since January, but for years and years.

    However, your other calls you’ve highlighted here were quite good.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mr. Edge

    If someone is looking for a person to call all the right shots, I suggest they are ready to go to heaven and see The Man. In this crazy upside down market, I look for all the info I can get. That is why I never miss one of your posts. Thanks!

  7. TraderPL

    Mr.Edge, You have it spot on, As my teacher always said price is random-true, So. its an incredible record over multiple quarters and across multiple markets. It says a lot for cycle theory and Gary’s read of those markets. There are so many variable to take into account . Excellent. This blog always clears the mist for me.

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