For those of you who might have missed it or are still on the fence here is your last chance to get in on the money back guarantee. For details click here

I will be closing the offer Monday morning.

Here are just a few of my latest market calls.

We exited leveraged long positions in the market on 5/14.


We exited positions in oil on 5/6 and went short. We exited short positions on 5/28 and went long.


We rode long positions in nat gas until taking profits on May 19th.

nat gas

We took profits on all mining positions on May 14th and I’m currently on the sidelines.


I exited long euro positions on May 13 and have started to build a short position.


I’ve been a bit lucky lately and managed to call exact bottoms and exact tops in several sectors. Obviously I won’t be able to keep up a streak like that indefinitely but I think it does show what can be done using cycle theory and a bit of intuition.

If you want to learn more about cycle theory and get these calls in real time, there’s no better opportunity than now while I’m offering everyone a money back guarantee on the current stock market trade.


  1. Chris

    Will you roll the cost of the $200 plan into the cost of the aggressive portfolio if I were to join and then decide I wanted in on the aggressive plan? Say by the end of summer?

    1. gary Post author

      The AP is separate from the regular SMT. I wouldn’t worry about the AP right now. I like to wait for really good setups before placing trades in the AP. There really aren’t any good setups at the moment other than the stock market trade which you will get with the regular SMT anyway.

  2. Michael

    Hi Gary

    With each of your trades do you provide a stop alert?
    With your UPRO trade what was your entry level, initial stop and exit position?
    I live in Sydney. Do your trades come out before open of US trading or during US trading?

    Kind regards


    1. gary Post author

      I post the nightly report usually 2-3 hours after the US close. Sometimes I’ll do a morning alert before the market opens if I see something interesting.

  3. Jonathan

    Gary: Sounds like you have high confidence on this stock trade. I may have misunderstood it, but the 3% position seems very small. How much did you recommend your subscribers for this trade?

    1. gary Post author


      Nothing is guaranteed in this business. I’m willing to risk 3% of our total portfolio on the trade. So if it doesn’t work out we won’t do any serious damage to our portfolio.

  4. Don

    Gary, your recent trading record looks very impressive . Of course, we have to take you at your word for the actual entry and exit points. You should be filthy rich in no time and have no need to waste your time on the subscription service.

    1. gary Post author

      All trades were recorded in real time. You can ask any subscriber.

      I started the SMT to help investors make it through the bull market in gold. In the meantime while we wait for the bull to resume I’m not adverse to making money in other sectors.

      Unfortunately many gold bugs are too stubborn to look eleswhere during the bear market and they just keep losing more and more money as the bear continues. It’s tough to help those kind of investors that refuse to face reality.

  5. Bob UK

    I probably will take advantage of your services sometime in the coming year Gary but, for now, I just feel that I am too inexperienced to benefit from being a member. I need to learn more about doing other trading apart from going long.

    I have to say that I am very impressed with your cycles and, over the past year or so, have noticed you being spot on with calls re gold, stocks, oil and gas. Very impressed.

  6. mark crawford

    US Dollar has now reached the upper resistance trend line… we could see weakness in the
    dollar going forward… lower prices may still be 1-3 months away.

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