I’m going to do something today that you have never seen a newsletter writer do. I’m going to offer a special one time money back guarantee. I currently have a trade on in the SMT model portfolio that I feel is about as close to a guaranteed win as one can ever get in this business.

If this trade doesn’t produce at least a 50% gain between now and September I will refund your subscription fee. In the meantime you will get access to the nightly reports for the duration of the trade. If the trade does produce at least a 50% profit then you keep your susbcription active until expiration. We are going to risk 3% of our portfolio on the trade. Assuming one has $100,000 then you are going to put at risk $3000. If the trade pays off 50% then you will have made $1500 for an initial $200 investment in a yearly SMT subscription.

Of course this isnt just a one trade offer. The SMT is already having a pretty good year depsite most markets trading in very choppy ranges with few sectors producing trending moves. The stock portfolio is easily outpreforming the S&P with a 5.5% gain for the year. The energy portfolio is up 9.5%. The metals portfolio is at +5%. Even the currency portfolio continues to recover and is now down just 5%.

Click here to go to the SMT premium site if you are interested in the money back offer. Then click on the sign up today link.

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Then choose the one year subscription plan, and create a username and password.

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21 thoughts on “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

  1. M.D. Cov

    NO brainer……. I was once HERE as a non-subscriber for a year off and on and stumbled upon a trade recommendation this past January on DUST and made a “small fortune” and out of gratitude signed up and NO regrets whatsoever. In fact in April on another trade recommendation in TQQQ paid off handsomely MORESO and literally paid for itself MANY times over in annual subscriptions.

    Gary’s entry AND exit points for the most part is impeccable, no other timer from my experience has or can emulate it.

    THE beauty of Gary’s program is that HE is committed DAILY sometimes up to 5 topic alerts a day! AND answers EVERY personal inquiry too……. for ONLY $16.67 a month, a NO brainer IMHO.

    FTR: This is MY own personal testimony from my experience with Gary’s subscription.

      1. Dan

        Yes, the decay issues are well known. Just read the UVXY stream on Stocktwits, it’s common knowledge now that they are “money holes”.

        …until we get a correction and that’s no longer the case. If we get a false SPY breakout, VXX is worth a shot, with a tight stop.

        1. gary Post author

          A tight stop on something as volatile as VXX is an almost guaranteed way to lose money.

    1. gary Post author

      And miss the money back guarantee?

      Just like the bottom of corrections when I tell investors to buy. Most can’t do it and end up missing the opportunity. I’m giving you an incredible opportunity. It’s up to you to seize it…

      This is why most people can’t make money in the stock market, they are unable to go against their emotions. To succeed in this business you have to be different than rest of the crowd. You have to be a wolf, not a sheep…

  2. Roy McIntyre

    Trading is the only place in the world where even wolves get fleeced with regularity…

    I signed up. What the hell. I had a subscription for a while and let it lapse. Following Gary was good for me. I learned a lot. He has started putting on too many trades for me in recent months. Not my style. I can’t watch them all at once. But the subscription is still worth the money.

    1. gary Post author

      Most people should just focus on the stock trades. In that market we have the Fed watching our back.

  3. M.D. Cov

    MY sentiments EXACTLY Gary……. IRONICALLY I was having a discussion with my son to IN GENERAL “think outside the box” and as they say “go against the herd” OPPOSITE of the overall general sentiment FOR life in general INCLUDING MY style of investing…….

    WITH the help of Gary AND my trading “risks” I can truly attest that in March ALONE amassed a 60% return and that’s ZERO options trading.

    What I’m trying to convey is that one doesn’t have to follow EVERY trade by Gary but focus on one or two like I do with due diligence and “go for it”.


  4. Bob UK

    I’m just a beginner at all of this and, frankly, only really know how to buy a stock, go long, wait for a profit and then sell.

    All this shorting, options, contracts – I simply do not understand how to physically do them. I wouldn’t know where to start even buying them – so I suspect this kind of special offer would be no good for me. Perhaps in future when I have had time to do some more reading and have learnt more.

    Sounds a good deal though if you are more experienced at trading than I.

    1. gary Post author

      I’ll leave it up for another day or two. But the window for entry into the trade is going to pass pretty soone.

  5. Dan

    Actually made money with UVXY yesterday, but giving a good chunk of it back today with an SPY short that’s about to get stopped out.

    The ponzi joke of a market continues.

  6. Melv

    Gary, is your offer still there for the money back guarantee? If so, I’ll sign up tonight.


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  8. AB

    Is the money back guarantee offer still on? Also, regarding the $25 monthly plan, it can be cancelled month by month, that is, after every month?

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