10 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Jonathan

    FWIW, biotech held up very well in the recent selloff. And fundamentally it’s probably the most solid sector, with the data available (through the end of 2016). Biotech has been one of the engines of the broad market.

    1. ken

      “fundamentally it’s probably the most solid sector”…aging America..of course.

    2. gary Post author

      Definitely the speculative driver of this bull.It is showing bubble characteristics though with 75% of IPO’s having no earnings.

      Sound famailar? Hint! 2000 dot com bubble.

  2. Jonathan

    Bill Gross suddenly looks 10 years older. The good old days of PIMCO are gone. At his age (and wealth!), he really doesn’t have to do this any more.

  3. Bill in Tokyo

    I was wrong in thinking to cost average down. I did the math in Excel yesterday, and was very surprised to see how lame it was. Better to wait for a bottom.

    That said, looking at the monthly chart, a break above this month’s high of 1204.70 would be bullish, no?

  4. Bill in Tokyo

    … and $SILVER looks like it’s about to make a swing low and head higher. Just using my cro-magnon brain and calling what I see.

  5. Jonathan

    It’s very different in calculating the biotech valuation. And the sector has the best fundamental of all, through the end of 2016. IPOs are not included in the sector, they are not even included in the broad index. I personally don’t think it’s in a bubble, but I could be wrong, just like everyone of us.

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