9 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. John

    I would argue that unless it makes a lower low, below the trend line, then it would be a non-confirmation. It has not done this. In fact, this is an ideal buy point. Buy when oversold and touching a trend line. Place a protective stop loss under 154. I am also a believer that gaps always get filled. We have several gap down events at roughly 177, 170 and 164. These will get filled at some point.

  2. Carl

    Gary, patternwise speaking, HUI is also making an inverted Cup with Handle. Any close below 154, the previous right handle low, and certainly 150, the left handle low, is a confirmation of much more down to come. For CWH patterns, the “neck line” doesn’t count too much so I wouldn’t bet my shirt going short now that we have a close below this neckline. I would rather wait for a drop below all lows and a pullback on this line…

  3. red

    Looks like all gold & silver miners will be BK ..they just cannot generate any cash to support their operations?

      1. Bill in Tokyo

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