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    1. gary Post author

      Yep just like I predicted gold would bounce here before heading back down. The bullion banks are going to try to sucker as many longs back into the market as possible before taking gold back down.

      1. John

        You are hilarious Gary. Even when your wrong, you say your right. I like how you say one thing one day and then a completely opposite thing the next. You can’t lose; it doesn’t matter which way things go you can say, “see, I told you”.
        Fact is, I have been saying the $USD is going down for several weeks now ( and you argued with me every time) . It is so obviously in a downtrend with several lower highs. I have also been saying your theory of gold falling is wrong due to the $USD dollar being in a downtrend. You also argued with me on that point.
        The only one who got it right here is me, not you. Your cycle theory does not work.

        1. paul

          Gary has been right-on for years…as evidenced by my 401K. I wouldn’t follow anyone else.

        2. bob davis

          Oh my gold a 2% rise. It`s official the bear market is over. Join our movement, only suckers may apply!

        3. gary Post author

          Short term the dollar is going down. Long term it has a date with 110 or 120.

          1. Crawford

            If the U$D goes to 110-120 that would be a catastophic to the stock market world wide.

          2. gary Post author

            Yes but I think the dollar going up will be because of a big correction in the stock market.

  1. Don

    Everybody and his dog has been expecting gold to go down, including you Gary and of course, it is now ripping upwards. I don’t believe for a second that it is heading back down. Hedging your calls by saying that MAYBE gold will go up doesn’t make you appear any smarter. On the contrary. You must think those that read your comments to have extremely short memories. We don’t.

    1. gary Post author

      I’ll be willing to make a burrito bet that gold goes below 1130 before the summer is over.

  2. Carl

    Guys, it isn’t about being right or wrong, but about making money. And for that matter I here have a chart based on Gary’s forcast that shows stock market and dollar going down into an intermediate low in July, then going up for a last high into September, again USD and Stocks. Then a major low in stocks into spring 2016, followed by the last bubble. At least, that’s what I understood and so far Gary has been “right”. And even if he was “wrong” I can’t blame someone who is sharing for free his ideas and analysis. Thanks again for that, man.

    1. John

      That’s ridiculous. It is about being right or wrong; when you are right you make money and when your wrong you don’t.

  3. Jonathan

    Just as I thought it would, IBB broke out strongly. OK, I confess, I didn’t predict this publically, but I did say that biotech held up very well during the recent weakness of the broad market.

  4. Jonathan

    Sounds like Greece doesn’t want to pay the debt back. If it’s going to default anyway, let it happen now, sooner the better. It’s not going to be the end of the world. Iceland defaulted and recovered strongly. I hope people can learn an important lesson from it: why to buy debt without collateral? When you and I buy a house, no way we can get a loan without collateral, then why can any government?

  5. Don

    Gary, your ‘predictions’ remind me of the weather rock. If the dollar, ( or gold, the market, etc) is going up, you predict it will go up, if it is going down, you ‘predict’ that too. I predict that you will use the phrase “I told you so” many more times in the future. You have a guaranteed ‘success’ rate.

    1. gary Post author

      Short term the dollar is in a down trend (which my be ending today).

      Longer term the dollar is going higher. I’m guessing at least 110 and maybe as high as 120.

      1. John

        Too funny. Now you admit it is in a downtrend, but it might end today. Once again you can’t lose with a statement like that. If it ends today you can say “see, I told you it would end today”. But if it continues down you can say ” see, I said it was in a downtrend”. So your predictive powers are saying it might go up or it might go down. Awesome stuff.

        1. gary Post author

          I’m not trying to day trade here. Is that what you are looking for?

          The larger trend is up and has been since May of last year.

  6. Carl

    We will know soon about stock markets: Nasdaq Composite finally broke the all time high of 2000, so from here I guess it is either a confimed break or a failure… I wouldn’t go long today anyway.

  7. Tom

    Nothing is changing. Stocks will continue higher. Metals and miners will continue lower. Cut it, say it, cycle it, flip it, whatever you want. Nothing has changed folks and nothing ever will.

  8. angus

    gary is mostly correct look at usd/cad monthly chart and compere dollar chart and you will agree dollar going down to around 92.5 and then goes back up

  9. Stefan

    Here is my predictions for 2015:

    Gold: No major breakout until May/June next year, but no new low
    Stocks: 4th wave correction soon, then new highs in 2016
    Dollar: With a total debt of 61trillion and a QE4 on it’s way … isn’t the chart showing a head and shoulder pattern Gary?

    1. Crawford

      IF we get back to the highs on this run, the struggle will be at 2130. Now, lets say they get through it. What then? I’d be comfy in going back to the theory of Mid May…we see a major blow off top. However, if this present attempt at what ever they’re brewing here does NOT result in new highs, I think we’ll see the market lower in a few weeks. Maybe considerably so.

    2. gary Post author

      I’m on the same page with stocks.

      A little more bullish on gold. I think a bottom will form late summer or early fall.

      No QE4 until stocks deliver at least a 20% correction.

  10. Jonathan

    AAPL disappointed today. People bought the watch are selling it on eBay. Cook’s reputation is at risk.

  11. Ty

    I believe in Gary’s coming call on the Miners.

    Why not expose the manipulation that doesn’t exist? Even Armstrong is posting articles that may wake up a few more sheep dogs.

    I believe cycles are ultimately larger than the “powers that be” but who else could be attempting to change these cycles?

    If the Miners get towards a cycle low this year or…yes, perhaps the low will be delayed until this cycle becomes larger than the “powers that be”, then a meltdown will happen providing that the metal-cult herd is kept under full control, then I believe a Smart Money Tracker membership is well worth a try.

    This trade needs to happen near the bottom. Not now when the price is too high or after “buck fever” hits you and you miss the trade.

    “Santa” Sinclair, Billionaire Sprott , Dr. Paul Roberts, Turd Ferguson, preacher Lindsey Williams dark-sided Mr. Xs, ect…have they helped any of you out too?

    Without entering in close to the bottom, the crashes that most likely will go along with the ride may erase most of the profit unless you keep bailing out. Remember 2008?

    And so yes, I believe that Gary’s thoughts on this trade are valid; it also goes along with what Martin Armstrong is telling us.

    This may be one of the greatest trades just before the dawn of a real possible attempted cashless planet-wide monetary system is actually attempted on the serfs.

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