6 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. gary Post author

    I’m not sure of the exact path, but eventually the dollar is going to 110 or 120. There will be lots of wiggles along the way, but the dominant trade should be long the US dollar.

      1. Tom

        You must be long the dollar, i.e. cash. Equities too risky here long or short. Commodities and metals maybe you are short but risky as well to play short IMO.

  2. Crawford

    we are inside what is termed a BULLISHFALLING WEDGE, with higher lows looking to be put in here!The MACD is on a SELL SIGNAL Still, however I think the USD is justin a sideways consolidation mode, before higher prices come our way. The Stochastics, are oversold, and if we see a break of 96, I think theUSD will tread higher up to over 100 in the near term. But it must break 96 convincingly first.  This chart is very very interesting!

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