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  1. Bob UK

    Here in the UK the BBC is reporting that the Greek talks have broken up with no deal. Will meet again on Saturday but the EU/IMF saying that they will make no more offers to Greece.

    Time will tell.

  2. Jay

    Where are the trade confirmations for the Fed’s future’s purchases? Do they add the futures to their balance sheet?

  3. Sanjay

    What makes you think the manipulation by CB will stop…..Many pundits have been saying this for awhile now…and they have been proven wrog time and again !!

    1. gary Post author

      I don’t see them stopping, just eventually the market will overwhelm the manipulation and the correction will be more extreme because of it.

    1. gary Post author

      It’s much harder to manipulate the transports as there is no futures market to intervene in. They would have to buy a whole bunch of stocks. This is why the transports are diverging. They are showing the true path of the market and are already heading down into the 7 year cycle low.

  4. BCJ

    Regarding the DJT. Here is a research note from RJ today: DJT support is 8250-8300. “If this level does not hold, there really is not any obvious additional support until 8000, almost 4% below where we currently stand. As I write this note, the DJT just broke through this level and is now @ 8240 (and falling).

    Gary: Is the NYA Daily Advance/Decline Ling beginning to look like a head and shoulders patter to you?

    1. gary Post author

      The AD line is beginning to diverge and that is to be expected at the 7 year cycle top.

        1. gary Post author

          I doubt it. Maybe 1550 this fall or next spring, then a parabolic rocket launch into a bubble top.

  5. pacoquin

    .. imo.. not over.. yet.. but ist going to be difficult market for te hext months.. probably until mid 2016… when we might be facing .. another 2000 or 2007…

  6. pacoquin

    dji and transports can be in discrepancy.. a long time.. am speaking of months.. bef it happens what you have in mind.. look at historical charts….

  7. Marek

    In my opinion, we will not see lows of 2009 untill 2035+. The generational cycle topped in 1900-1929-1966-2000 . After those tops, markets went into bear mood for maximum 20 years. As the Kondratieff winter began in 2000, with inflationary impact maximized between 2007-2011, now due to deflationary slow-down, it is possible to proceed with QE`s. The deflationary period will end up somewhere max. 2020/21. The first (not big) recession in the US is scheduled in 2018, with SPY top in 2017.
    The question (for Noble price:) is whether the Kondratieff winter ended in 2009 or will last untill 2020/21 ?

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