21 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Joe

    Gary, recently your post says a Dow top. Now this post says dollar top. Should a topping dollar be bullish for stock markets?

    1. Tom


      The only correlation between the dollar and anything else is what we make of it. In this manipulated market, nothing really matters. However, what investors should be eyeing is China. If China’s market resumes its crash, we are going down, down to China town.

    1. victor

      I forgot who bet it, no for burrito next time but gold coin, easy can be mailed to Gary….

    1. gary Post author

      I don’t remember which troll it was, but at the time he was quite nasty about expressing how wrong I was about the dollar.

      I just thought it was appropriate that I remind him he was the one that was wrong.

      Of course that troll is now hiding back under his bridge. He would never have the balls to come back and admit he was wrong. That’s how it is with trolls.

  2. Dan

    An actual uninterrupted selloff in the market today – I don’t believe my eyes. Almost time to load more gold miners.

  3. felix

    Scuse me, but i remember you said you were expecting a dollar index at 120…. or close .
    Now 94…. ???? maybe, after that bottom you expect the rally???…. Is that right???

    1. Tom

      Neither. Buy the individual stocks. NEM, EXK, SVLC, etc….that way you avoid fees, decay, and contango. Most ETFs do not perform the way they are supposed to.

  4. Herman

    Initiated a position in some miners again: bought SSL.TO at 3.06 (sold at 3.95 three weeks ago). AR.TO at 1.30 (sold at 1.64 three weeks ago) and TMM.TO at 0.39 (sold at 0.99 few months ago). Some panicking in these stocks today. These stocks fell between 7 to 8% today, feels like accelaration and panicking.

  5. Stefan

    GLD has to spots to be consumed by markets, 100 and 140. When 100area is consumed we are heading back to 140, nice 🙂 watch the GLD carefully until it reaches 100 is my humble opinion !

  6. Dan

    So much for that selloff…Nascrack already green after hours. Wonder if Denver Dave is still short AMZN.

  7. Peter

    I am pretty confident in saying that May and June lows will be pierced and that the uup will be in the 24.20s.

  8. Jay

    Gold is acting tonight that it wants lower! If 1080 doesn’t hold….then look out below!

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