22 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. BenzRabbit

    The bull is going to be mauled so badly by the bear that it won’t be able to get off it’s butt for a few years :))

    1. gary Post author

      I think the dollar is only half way through its bull market and will eventually reach 118-120.

  2. Huckleberry Finn

    I think you are wrong Gary.
    HUI will bottom way before Gold and Silver do and most likely already has.
    We will see if 16.45 holds.

    1. gary Post author

      The HUI should bounce at this support to draw in some more longs but it’s unlikely support will hold as the ICL still has 5-10 weeks yet before it is due to bottom.

    1. Jay

      I think 16.40 or lower on GDX is almost a certainty. Very hard to get excited by an ETF that is yielding a whopping 0.61%

  3. Ryan

    I would buy GDX in the single digits. I remember Starbucks went sub $10 during the financial crisis. That was a good opportunity to get in.

  4. Don

    Gold is becoming less loved every day. A nuclear strike by a war mongering nation might give it a bit of a pop. Does anyone know what nation might be classed as being ‘war mongering’?

    1. Tom

      America is usually the initiator of War. That being said, it is common knowledge that America is most vulnerable at the end of a Democratic administration. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another major terrorist attack in the U.S soon. If Greece burns down it might cause some war in the EU. Other than these two possibilities, I do not foresee any war possibility in the near future.

  5. Simo500

    everybody want to buy at zero.

    or biotech at 400 dollars.

    strange world of IDIOTS and MUPPETS

  6. TenYear

    My hope for Monday is this: A default in Greece with U.S. markets down 5%.

    Happy Independence Day weekend to all and the best to all of you.

    1. steve

      As long as you can make a few dollars, forget the millions of Greeks whose lives are ruined for years. You selfish Ahole. It’s people like YOU that give Americans a bad name

      1. TenYear

        Hey Stevo:

        Who said I was American? A Greek default is the best result for them. Free and natural markets are best 😉 Cheers to you, you are forgiven.

  7. Stefan

    Yepp Crawford, as I have stated several times on this forum the S&P500 overhead resistance at 2130ish has never been broken if you adjust the chart for cpi/qe/inflation. If you look at the chart in real values, all three tops align at the same level. We need a trigger though, why not a vote for NAI in Greece 🙂 yes with a tragic 58% youth unemployment rate, they need something new. No more debt from the troika-debt-enslaving-hydra. European banks wants to wash their dirty laundry through the greek and european people.

    The same shit is going to hit the fan here in Sweden and the US also, give it 5-10years imho.

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