18 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Jay

    The world would pretty much have to end in order to see SPX 1750 by November. If we did see SPX 1750 (almost a 20% correction from the top), then stock prices would be the least of anyone’s worries! 😉

    1. gary Post author

      20% drops are quite common for major multi year cycle lows. They have to make traders think the end of the world is near to wipeout the bullish sentiment and set the stage for the next leg up.

      Heck the drop in 2011 was almost 20% and that wasn’t even a 7 YCL.

      I’m actually expecting a retest of the breakout at 1550.

  2. Ray

    Janet Yellen speaks today at her semi-annual testimony. Any thoughts on gold here? Thanks!

  3. Johan

    Hej Stefan,
    I am Swedish as I presume you are, and very impressed with Garys calls, which others analysts would you recommend?

  4. Bob UK

    Those charts are all scary – looks like the only thing to be in is USD cash.

    The exception appears to be a short bounce in gold.

  5. james moffett

    Hi Gary,
    If the Fed has aborted the IC decline and we now have a DCL, are you long stocks for the bounce or waiting for the bigger ICL decline down the road?

        1. Tenyear

          Dividends. It is all about watching the market do nothing and collect your dividends. Good names: STWD, RIO, BHP, ARI, PFE, VZ, GM, etc…Metals look like they could go straight down into capitulation any week now.

    1. gary Post author

      See the model portfolio in the premium site for our current position in the stock [ortfolio 🙂

  6. Theryl

    Those charts make a lot of sense. The natural gas FCG chart is blowing my mind! It feels like it’s going to zero. It must be time for an across the board commodities bounce.

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