SMT portfolio update

Now that almost all the recent trades have been closed I thought it would be a good time for another portfolio update.

The stock portfolio is up 6% easily outperforming the S&P so far this year.

The energy portfolio is up 5%, also easily outperforming oil which is down so far for the year.

The metals portfolio is up 10% again easily outperforming gold and miners which are all down for the year.

The currency trades are still open so no change there. Still down 5% but if marked to market it would only be down a couple of percent. I’ll wait till I close the trade before updating.

The Quest portfolio is up a little over 200%

3 thoughts on “SMT portfolio update

  1. Bud Fox

    your then canceling the 7/9 chart of the SP500 prog.
    is that correct as I read it….Bud

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