I’m of the opinion that we are about to get the best trade opportunity of the year in the metals sector. Not a final bear market low, but an exceptionally powerful bear market rally.

See why in the weekend report.


  1. Dereck

    I’ve been watching your calls over the last few months and intrigued. Any chance of offering a free trial in the next few days! Thanks!

    1. Jay

      Call me a cynic, but you’ll know it’s precisely the time to buy when all of the paid trading subscription services get stopped out from trying to pick bottoms. 😉 Gotta think like a criminal to make it in this business! 🙂

      1. Bill in Tokyo

        Gary’s a professional. Not an amateur charging a fee. Gotta see and respect that. If you want to know what Gary’s trading in specific terms, the answer to your q is, become a sub. It’s cheap – only $25/mo. That’s all I meant.

  2. Bob UK

    Sounds like this is one of those moments where, as you have said in the past Gary, you can make your entire year in a few months.

    With conventional stocks at or near the highs again the beaten down mining stocks might be an obvious place for the smart money to start now investing in. A couple of months run-up in miners would take us into the Autumn just in time for a drop in the conventional markets and a flip then from mining to conventional stocks?

    Well, it sounds good in theory. If only it was that easy 🙂

  3. Dan

    Let’s see if they break 1130 gold decisively tonight. Miners are very oversold, but they got hit even harder last year before bottoming.

  4. Jonathan

    I read this morning that Trump made about 11% in average from his real estate investment (including the money taken out and spent), inline with S&P (including dividend). His father was a rich real estate developer. For comparison, Buffett’s long-tern average is about 23%, his father was a senator. Icahn’s long-term average is about 31%, his parents were teachers.

  5. Bill in Tokyo

    A swing might be imminent, or we may just melt down from here. The daily charts of $GOLD and $HUI show no positive divergence that I see. Makes me very very cautious. Even if we have a bounce, it might be messy like in March.

    Cycles are what gives Gary the advantage of knowing that this is a good turning point or not. Me, I’m in the dark!

  6. TW




    1. gary Post author

      Definitely possible, but we need a big correction first. A 20-30 crash this fall would set up a bubble phase to 20,000 or 30,000.

  7. james moffett

    Gary, can you give us a heads up when you think the miners are turning up with conviction? They are close to DCL and ICL, I believe.

    1. gary Post author

      Yep the bullion banks are manufacturing a stop run and hopefully they will get a bunch of shorts on the wrong side. That will force one hell of a short squeeze.

  8. gary Post author

    None of the other metals are down anywhere close to gold. Pure manipulation to trigger stops and pull in shorts for fleecing. Patience, we are about to get the buying opportunity of the year here soon, very soon.

  9. luke4

    oops posted wrong spot. Anyway you are the king gary just keep that GDX crash in the fall in mind!

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