Weekend report

Let me stress again that the metals sector is on the verge of a big big bear market rally. But this isn’t going to be an easy bottom. There is still at least one more curveball ahead of us, but once that is past we should see at a very minimum a 50% rally in mining stocks and maybe more.

I’m going to go over everything in depth in the weekend report.

Oh and by the way, the stock market has topped. I’ll go over that in depth also.

12 thoughts on “Weekend report

  1. Bill in Tokyo

    “curve ball” ?

    great … as in, a baseball curving across the plate (no big deal – just swing), or as in a hockey puck headed right for my groin (big deal – step aside or die)?

  2. Alex

    Could you give us an update on oil , could we anticipate the same type of rally ??? I appreciate your work , thank you very much …

    1. gary Post author

      I’m on the sidelines in energy right now. It’s too late in the daily cycle to press the downside but no indication of a cycle low yet.

      1. Alex

        Feels Like a bloodbath in energy these days index double bottomed before actual oil … Wondering if more pain lies ahead if so we could witness a major contagion spreading to banks considering how much debt is involved …

  3. Bud Fox

    50% minimum?

    You know gary there are no guarantees is this business. To make a prediction like that is pure speculation. Unless u got ur crystal ball fixed?

    1. Jay

      I’ll gladly settle for 20% upside n miners…..not gonna get greedy and hold out for 50% upside.

  4. Just a BRICS in the Wall

    I’m no T/A expert, but doesn’t the Dow Junk Industrials need to go sub 17,000 for 3 consecutive days to clearly show it’s topped out?.

    1. Bud Fox

      3x are widow makers.
      Timing has to be perfect and always be prepared for a >15% premarket gap down.

    2. Bud Fox

      3x are widow makers.
      Timing has to be perfect and always be prepared for a >15% premarket gap down.

  5. Jay

    The market may have topped out temporarily, but don’t we need to see a runaway mania phase in the stock market first, where the general public gets sucked in, before the final top is in?

    1. gary Post author

      I think we need to see a big correction first to get everyone on the wrong side of the market, and then we get the big final run that draws everyone in. Something akin to what happened in 98 right before the bubble phase took off.

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