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  1. Bob UK

    I have been wondering whether oil might be bottoming in the current mid 40s area again – everyone is convinced it is going to 35 bucks but I am not so sure.

    It has crossed my mind in recent weeks whether weare bottoming in commodities simply because how sold off they have been. The stocks of commodity resource stocks now look very tempting compared to your Apples, Teslas, Facebooks and the biotechs, etc.

    Have been wondering whether the big boys might be about to move into the sector.

  2. Jay

    I guess one thing is clear…we will know exactly when the mult-year cycle lows have arrived…but only AFTERWARD. 🙂

  3. Dan

    Boring action in the miners. GDXJ daily chart looks better but GDX looks like crap. I guess the same rule applies, keeping holding a modest position, but be prepared for another gold attack.

  4. Carlos

    Question: If the bear market were to end with the bottom of the CRB, where does that leave the dollar? The upside potential is still there and that would put more downward pressure on Gold.

  5. Jay

    GDX closed green, but it still lost all the morning gains and is still near the bottom of the 12 day trading range.

  6. Jonathan

    Apple fans are like religious. When I made some negative comments online right before the earnings, they got emotional. Now look at the chart. The truth is, Apple watch is a joke, Cook is losing his credibility, Apple without Jobs needs to prove its innovation and thus growth ability. The whole reason of the Apple success so far is the innovation and great products, it’s a wishful thinking to divert from that path and to focus on sales and marketing. Trying to make Apple a luxury brand and go from there will simply not work. That said, I don’t mean that Apple has seen its top, the China market has room to grow. What I mean is, without solid innovation and great new products, sooner or later, Apple will fade. What we saw in the past few days is just a preview.

  7. Jay

    Only 7 replies here…I guess a lot of people are either on vacation have given up entirely? 🙂

  8. mj12

    TF Metals…..

    Just minutes ago, Reuters reported that an IMF staff report has concluded that the Chinese yuan is not yet ready for inclusion in the basket of fiat currencies that make up the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR). Hmmm. I wonder how that will go over in Beijing?

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