Next week and probably Monday or Tuesday are going to be important junctures. If the Fed/PPT can’t get the market turned around quickly then there is risk that the crash event into the 7 YCL could begin, with a final low as early as the end of the month or first week in September. Much more in the weekend report.

7 thoughts on “IMPORTANT WEEK

  1. Just a BRICS in the Wall

    But, But, But the FED’s gonna start raising interest rates in September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. gary Post author

      I’m thinking it won’t. I think gold will start to sniff out the next round of QE just like it did in 2008 ahead of the final bottom in 09.

      I’m starting to see a few shortages at some of the dealers just like what happened in 08.

        1. Just a BRICS in the Wall

          The FED will be lucky to pull off one or two token .1 or .25 interest rates rises before there’s a major stock market crash …. the FED better hurrey up and do their interest rate rise quickly – before the bottom falls out of the market.

  2. MuffinTop

    I’m not sure why but I’ve got a bit of an itch in the back of my throat.

    (please, no dirty jokes)

    But I don’t think interest rates are going up this year. The charade shall continue a little while longer.

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