SMT Conference

I’m going to do a free conference call Saturday Aug. 22. The call will start at 9:00 am PST/12 noon EST. I’ll do a brief summary on where I think gold and oil are heading along with the stock market and then open the call up for Q&A. Everyone is welcome to join in and not just SMT subscribers.

Dial in code: 1-712-432-3082

Enter the conference code when prompted: 174526

I suggest using Skype, especially for overseas participants. A one month calling plan In the United States and Canada is $2.99. Overseas is $13.99 one month unlimited.

For those of you that want to follow along with the charts during the first 20 minutes of the conference call I will offer a trial $10 one month subscription to the SMT premium newsletter. Just go to the subscription page and register for a one-month subscription and I will refund $15 back to you. This offer will be good until the conference call starts at 9 AM Saturday morning.

11 thoughts on “SMT Conference

  1. Bob UK

    OK, I am going to attempt my first Skype call today folks – so if someone keeps dropping in and out it is probably me. I am sure that it will be painless. Looking forward to it.

    1. Bob UK

      Right, I have got the skype credit and signed up to have a look at the charts… and I am missing watching the Swans footie (soccer) premiership game today 🙂


    Great conf call Gary. Thank you for taking time to hold it. Great questions on it as well.
    I like the way you think Gary. I agree with you 100% on manipulation and why it’s happening.
    I wanna also apologies if i’m too harsh sometimes. I just don’t think everyone holding same opinion on everything is good as that leads to heard mentality and we all know sheep gets slaughtered when no one questions anything or thinks about different outcomes and possibilities. Also having different opinion opens up a conversation as well. So i may not agree sometimes. I could be wrong. In any case i value your opinion greatly and i’m glad you’re on kereport. You’re great and valuable asset to the show.

    Thanks again for hosting a call. BTW it’s funny that my true caller app was showing this call as prayer line hahahaha. Have a great weekend and enjoy those climes you do.

  3. Carl V

    Thanks for a great conf call Gary, perfectly handled and you did not escape any question, and had the humility and honesty to say when/where you could not provide any precise answer on some tricky questions. I subscribed to your one-month discounted trial and look forward to more insight. I did subscribe not because I want someone to tell me when to enter/exit (though you seem to do offer this also) but because, following you for one year now, I have to admit that you have a sound approach, and your knowledge of cycles are way above average. We live exciting times, and they are even more so when you can ride cycles rather than undergoing them. Keep on the great job.

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