SMT scorecard for the year

Stock portoflio is significantly outperforming the S&P. Up 7.7% for the year.

The currency portfolio is now positive for the year. +6.4%

The gold portfolio is significantly outperforming gold. +10.2% for the year (but taking a drawdown right now as gold moves down into it’s daily cycle low.)

The energy portfolio is positive 5% for the year but also taking a heavy drawdown as we wait for the 3 year cycle low to form. 

The Quest portfolio is up 200% but also taking a heavy drawdown while we wait for gold to form it’s daily cycle low. 

18 thoughts on “SMT scorecard for the year

    1. gary Post author

      It all depends on where you entered. We didn’t enter all that much higher than current levels.


    I can thank Gary for a great call to get in. I made a great profit and got out earlier. Some advice to those who trade the miners. The miners have been doing the same thing now for over three years. I look to Gary and others to get in and hold myself responsible to get out. Rinse and repeat. At some point the miners are going to really take off, however I don’t see that happening until the fed throws in the towel.

    1. Don

      Gotto: What was your signal to get out ? According to Gary, the miners were all set up for a big move (that has fizzled just like every other rally)

  2. Braden

    The miners are about to rally in a really big way people.

    It will most likely begin on the overnight and GDXJ will be up 20% when you wake up. It will begin from some unforeseen headline about Asia and the dollar.

    It will not pay to get cute at these levels. Trade in and out if you wish but prepare right here, right now for a big move higher.

    I agree with Gary. The risk is to the upside, no longer the downside.

      1. Bill

        What do you want to hear? Where to enter where to sell? That’s for you to determine. I’m buying this down, miners at these multi year lows is a no brainer , unless of course you’re a common core noob.


      I also agree with Gary. However, I don’t believe Gary ever said there was no risk to the downside.

      1. Braden

        By risk to the upside vs. downside i mean you have a much better change of waking up and losing a lot of money if you are short rather than long at this point. The short squeeze could be epic.

  3. Mr. Edge

    My question for Gary is this: What will be the ramifications for gold with china and possibly other countries dumping treasuries

  4. hank

    I speak English but I don’t speak ‘traderspeak’.
    Who or what are ‘miners’ ? Mining stocks, I’m guessing. Can you name some mining companies as a ‘for instance’ ?
    When you say ‘miners’ does that also include gold bullion ?

  5. Stefan

    Yepper buy in before end of 1st week of September. The last “rally” was just apiteizer. Bought a position in yamana yesterday there are many others silver bull x5 certificate looks nice. I concur with Bradens analysis!

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