6 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Jorgy

    It’s now or never time for the gold bull market to resume its trend. If gold gets pinned down to the floor this daily cycle while oil moved higher and the USD rolls over the cyclical bear isn’t over. Prices action in the miners has been weak, but a rip your face off rally tomorrow changes the weekly candle. Stay tuned because anything can happen!?

  2. Sean

    Look at $USD daily of last 6 months, think we are forming classic Head and Shoulder pattern, though this is not at the peak.

    You read from me 1st

  3. Jonathan

    Your post is interesting, but for non-EW people like me, it would be much easier to understand if you post a chart.

  4. gary Post author

    I suspect gold will continue to be capped at least into the FOMC meeting next week. They’ve already stretched the cycle to a ridiculous 36 days, what’s another 4 or 5 at this point?

  5. Anthonyo

    Fed’s “imminent” rate hike in rumor or in real is enough to buoy USD or drive it even higher.
    Why should USD fall so drastically when they are threatening to raise rates?
    And when Yuan and every other currency in Asia is being devalued which means USD will appreciate in value. Right?

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