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  1. AlexP

    no double bottom in EUR: ECB merely postponed QE enlargement into Q1 2016 as a colleague-to-colleague grace from him to Yellen at a time when FED needed it to have room to hike its rate and thus reinstate world’s trust in it.

        1. William


          In fact, Jamie Saettele was the only other guy who pointed out the long-term gold support line from 1999…which of course has been supporting gold prices above $1K until now…

          1. Huckleberry Finn

            I think The Fed hikes…12.5 Basis points. They always like to give positive surprises to the market. With a 70% probability of a 25 Basis point hike prices, which effectively is a 100% chance of 17.5 basis points hike, they might do 12.5.

    1. David Silver

      William me thinks:
      Manipulation continues
      USD up
      Gold down
      Crude down
      Commodities timing band low in mid Jan 2016?
      Mid March counter trend rally top?
      Mid June bottom?
      US markets 2016 consolidation phase
      Energy will be money up and down

    2. AlexP

      agreed, William.
      a DCL in USX should be put tomorrow and the dead cat bounce should last from tomorrow until FOMC’s Wednesday after which everything as you said.

      I do believe though in a short-lived, powerful rejuvenation of USX until March to render a bull trap and a final 3-digit low for gold which will look like a shakeout below the 1000-notch.

      1. William

        There is a ‘beautiful’ inverted hammer in the making on XAU & XAG monthly charts, exactly like the one in Sept that was followed by a rally in Oct. Assuming these patterns remain intact upon December’s closing, even if we do not see a rally this month, it should happen in Jan 2016…

        Happy 2016!

  2. red

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  3. David Silver

    2016 – 2017:
    Junk bond implosion instigator
    Hyper inflation going into deflation
    Housing bubble bankruptcy part II circa 2008
    QE immunization phenomenon
    US and global market meltdown
    Energy and miners meltdown
    Continual shorting will be best investment whereas most think bottoms are close

    1. Gary Post author

      Seems unlikely that central banks would just sit on the sidelines and watch 6 years of QE go down the drain without opening the money spigots again.

      1. AlexP

        indeed, the ECB will not sit on the sidelines but act decisevely in Q1 2016 –> this will boost both USD and stocks as they’ve been in tandem for a couple of years.

        It wont be FED’s case, though. It will to a respite in order to reinstate credibility before acting again.

      1. Jay

        “He wasn’t wrong just early.”


        …but not early enough to prevent his followers from going broke 🙂

  4. David Silver

    There has to be negative ramifications of 6 years of artificially propping up the markets with QE right?
    Huge overload of currency and debt needs to exhaust themselves through deflationary consequences
    The global markets will follow suit
    Can metals take front stage once again?
    Junk bond implosion from the energy boom has just started!
    3 bubbles vs. 2 of 2007/8 are here (stock market, real estate and junk bonds)
    Saudi ulterior motive along with global fundamentals but more crucial the bond meltdown should eventually take crude not to $32.99 by mid January but to post 9-11 levels near the $20 historical support line later in 2016!
    Double top of 1980 unraveled eventually to the $20 arena pre 9-11 timeframe.

  5. David Silver

    Aug 24th was a warning shot
    Pure ignorance thought we could go to all time highs
    Failed triple top SPX
    Sorry bubbles still intact are Hello Kitty and Star Wars

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