30 thoughts on “DOLLAR ANALYSIS

  1. Gary Post author

    I wasn’t sure when the Fed would intervene to stop the market slide. I thought they might save their powder until the end of the week but it looks like it’s begun in earnest today.

    I’ve been worried that the bullion banks would cap gold to set it up for an attack on next weeks FOMC statement and so far that is also playing out.

    Gold really needs to break free of the manipulation and put some distance between the recent cycle low in order to survive the attack that will come next week. If it doesn’t then the banks will succeed in driving gold to new lows and stretching the intermediate cycle even though the dollar has already topped.

  2. tim

    before xmas watch for gdx to trade heavy vol, well over 100m in 1 day, that should be a good entry point

  3. Mark

    in this article Avi Gilbert is saying that some Miners could be in danger of bankruptcy if gold will make new lows.
    Could you make a post or a video indicating the most dangerous Miners so we could defende ourselves selling the bad and buying the better ?
    Thank you.

    1. ndmaster

      Gary doesn’t do individual stock research. For this reason, its best to stick with the funds like GDX, etc.

    2. Gary Post author

      I don’t try to analyze individual companies. I just stick with the ETF’s so I don’t have to worry about things going to zero. 🙂

  4. dutchisu

    Who would of thought after a 42 day cycle. Which is the longest I can find going all the way back to 2008. We would see the gold cycle top on day 1 and then continue down again. This is nuts.

    1. Gary Post author

      Well it can only happen in a manipulated market. Don’t make the mistake of thinking there is anything natural about the gold market.

    1. Mark

      I fear the miners will follow the metals unfortunately…….
      I hope Gary or other informed people can tell us which are the most dangerous miners.
      I own paas-slw-ssri-kinross-first majestic-b2gold and other smaller miners….they should be relatively safe…I hope so!

  5. David Silver

    Sold out of CRUDE shorts
    Should’ve sold out of miners at open
    May go long CRUDE soon due to latest bullish report

  6. Paul

    Looking at Garys chart I would assume that gold would rally with miners into the 15 of this month then down into month end then rally on up into march next year. Am looking for 15.65 on GDX on the 15th……

      1. tulip

        we’ve turned up the volume full blast its yr mouth isn’t hitting the mic!!!!
        I can hear at first…. Im on a Macbook..

    1. David Silver

      Undercut low if Monday still holding.
      Tuesday reversal
      Wednesday holding
      Could this be the bottom?
      Technicals strong
      Fundamentals shifting?

      1. David Silver

        Man wish I listened to your Sunday night sell signal let alone a second chance at the open today.

  7. AlexP

    yes, indeed.
    stocks and usd have correlated positively since FED started to contract its monetary policy and world economy ushered a new Kondratieff cycle.
    thus, stocks falling in their ICL should render USD an extended IC decline

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