27 thoughts on “FAILED DAILY CYCLE

  1. Gary Post author

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  2. Georgdo

    It’s that possible, a crash or mini-crash close to Holiday season? I never heard of a crash in December, close to Christmas. That will be painful for most players, banks, funds etc, The Christmas bonus will be highly affected.
    I think they will do everything it takes to save the market and turn it back.

  3. David Silver

    Mr. Savage nailed the range bound in the US markets
    SPX 1900 line revisited?
    Gold to 1025.25 by mid Jan 2016?
    Crude to 32.99?
    Short crude

    1. David Silver

      Thinkin metals will sell off coming into the FED meeting next week
      DUST play then
      Shanghai demise
      US equities will weigh on energy and miners down

      1. William

        I had that thought too. But, looking at the charts, looks like it can go higher before the sell-off (if there is any). I think the masses are having the same thesis of a sell-off next week due to rate hike, but, nothing is for sure man!

        Conversely, USD, hike or no hike, expect more downsides…this is more straight forward!

        1. David Silver

          Don’t like the tape action in metals all week
          Silver imploded
          No rate hike down the metals and miners hence DUST

        2. Carlos

          I don’t know the exact ratio, but 2:1, 3:1 calls/puts maybe. There was clear call action though.

          UHHHH I’m so pissed off to not notice this today. People already loaded up for Monday. Lets see what happens…..

          SLV JAN $14 calls over 10,000 contracts.
          GLD JAN $109 calls over 12,000 contracts. (just to name a few).

  4. David Silver

    Overheard the majority of professional traders are long crude going into today’s close
    Watch for continous downside next week

    1. David Silver

      Thought a quarter was a shoe in
      Had the last one wrong
      Perhaps this down cycle is ochestrated to abort it
      Who the heck knows

  5. AlexP

    Stocks are acting beautifully!
    SPX=2104 made a terrific wall.

    With or without a rate hike SPX will not fall below 1920.
    I will be able to provide a high probability low (just as the 2104 top of the dead-cat bounce) based on how I see stocks moving by Friday the latest. Anyway it will be in the range 1920-1965.

    I do not believe in material FED market intervention as a continuous force. Real market forces and sentiment are the tectonic forces at play, FED interventionis over-rated and fraud such as insider trading does exist but it makes just temporary, uncontinuous noise in the market.

  6. William

    Also, most people don’t believe in a triple-bottom chart, but if u inverted GDX’s chart, it could change your perspective on how you look at miners…rightly or wrongly of course!


  7. JT

    My 2 cents on what the Fed will do next week:

    Barring a 1929/1987 style meltdown before the meeting, the Fed will raise the upper band of their target to .50, but leave the lower band at .00! Giving themselves 50 basis points of wiggle room. This lets them incrementally be more hawkish if the data supports it, while at the same time letting the floor (0%) remain the same. Paired with a relatively dovish statement that further increases will be based on inflation alone, I think the equity and metals markets will go higher, and the USD will be smoked below 95.

    To support my crack-smoking induced theory: If you look at the Fed Funds webpage ( https://apps.newyorkfed.org/markets/autorates/fed%20funds ) you’ll notice that they deal in ranges now. Prior to ZIRP (before 2008), they did have a specific single target rate. Going forward, I still expect them to have a range. No where does it say that the range must be .25bps in size all the time.

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