Reopening the Quest susbcription

I’m going to reopen the Quest susbscription today with the same money back guarantee as the original offer back in 2014. If you wish to participate send me an email and I will respond with instructions. The trade will be placed today. So once we end trading today the offer will close for the guarantee, unless a better entry can be achieved next week. As long as one can enter the trade at the same price or better than what I get today then the money back offer will be honored. However if you wait and try to enter at a higher price than the quest entry I won’t be able to guarantee the trade.

For further details send me an email at:  [email protected]

38 thoughts on “Reopening the Quest susbcription

  1. AlexP

    gold has not bottomed!
    it has only begun a new intermediary cycle which has a high probability of establishing the bottom of the bear market.
    The bottom in gold’s bear which started in Sep2011 may come even as late as next …autumn –> it very much depends if the USX’ high in the next yearly cycle (number #3) will come significantly higher than the YCH of the current yearly cycle (#2) to be set in March.

  2. AlexP

    GOLD = 1071 –> for those of you who acted on my call last evening, 2 minutes before market close, after USX had retested 99.33 and failed (as I had predicted at the beginning of yesterday’s session) and bought gold at 1050, NOW IT IS TIME TO MOVE YOUR STOP ORDERS SLIGHTLY INTO PROFIT AT THE EQUIVALENT OF GOLD=1057

    1. Gary Post author

      That was a heck of a call yesterday when it looked like the bottom was going to fall out. 🙂

      1. AlexP

        Thank you very much, Gary! It’s great when the congratulations come from one of my top teachers in trading !

    1. MuffinTop

      David — no disrespect here but trying to predict the price of Gold 6 months from now is a waste of time, especially when you consider that certain Gold stocks have outperformed the market over the past year or so.

  3. RayB

    Gary said in one of his past vids that Gold always hits is lowest at the end of the year .. so its possible it could put in a low next December or the Dec after that, who knows.

  4. William

    Russell2000 has broken down from its daily H&S 2nd time this month, but, will PPT come to the rescue?

  5. jragusa

    M Armstrong fans – have you read his latest thoughts (and I use the term loosely) on gold?

    His brilliant conclusion: “Yes, gold will gravitate toward the year-end number.” Boy, that is a well reasoned prediction!!

    Instead of answering the question at hand, he goes into a triade about free coffee at Starbucks and the world moving towards an electronic currency. Unbelievable. He never makes concrete predictions – waffles all over the place and when a bottom or top is reached in a market he claims it’s bottomed/topped right on our target date.

    I do like his analysis on the markets in general, politics and his knowledge of history; however, his short/medium term market predictions are absolutely useless.

    Much rather read people like good ol’ Gary who puts his arse on the line with bold, concrete buy or sell calls.

    1. Jerome

      ARMSTRONG sells private gold reports for close to $500/$1000 each.
      One time he wrote: I will never give the benchmarks nor the dates on my blog: these are only for the buyers of my reports.
      It’s easy to understand and look absolutely right or nobody will ever buy his reports!

      So, if you look after benchmarks and dates, go to the store section of his blog and buy the reports you need.

  6. William

    GDX, selling pressure into the close looks pretty bad. No weekly hammer yet. Maybe next week but not before another attempt to go a bit lower…

  7. Bill in Tokyo

    GDX down 5.18% this week. The weekly chart looks like a little H&S that drops down – but it could just be a bottoming pattern. This would be the washout scenario. Head 17, neck 13, bottom at 9. Or this is just a bottom and we go up soon. But there was a H&S on the same weekly chart from Oct 2014 to June this year, that did play out, so maybe it does again.

  8. David Silver

    US Indices (bearish/mistake going long Thursday) more downside going into January
    USD (basing and consolidating) bullish thereafter going into January
    Metals/miners (bull trap) more downside gong into January
    Crude (basing with trendline intact) 10 more trading days of upside target going into January
    3 truncation support attempts that held since 12/13 (bullish)
    Negative reports, FED meeting and market meltdown held crude even for the week (bullish)
    Long crude (two tranches/break even @ close)

  9. chris

    Where is monkey God? Alex thanks. I took cue from you and sold my dax yesterday at 10750, saved me 100-200 points. When I saw US weakness, I may or may not have sold dax early. I may have stuck to my stops. But your comments kept bugging me. And I recalled 2104. And since I am getting older, I am wiser and less stubborn. Used to be so stubburn.

    My mind, this monkey God has been right, why fight his trend of being right? Never fight the trend ! So I decided to pull the trigger to sell.

    After selling. No position, I could think clearly. Then I saw gold, and your comments again. Decided to Long gold , long silver. Silver was down $0.5 so the risk of buying is also lower.

    Tks monkey God again 🙂

    1. AlexP

      you’re welcome, Chris! I’m pleased to have been of help.

      there is no reason for USX to move up now or for gold down, but caution is always warranted in a game of probabilities so that I hope you have moved your stop order into profit at 1057 as I had recommended above.
      Good luck!

  10. AlexP

    Monday will be an interesting day, quite interesting one for stocks!

    Regardless of how it will play out (a crash or a swift reversal), stock swing traders or traders partly employing swing into their portfolios will have the opportunity of going long in a very spirited dead-cat bounce to come on Monday quickly after opening, until 10.00 ET anyway.

    PS: I am affraid that if the swift reversal scenario occurs, people will start shouting again the old, pseudo-mystical incantation of “FED/PPT/XXX/YYY/AAA/ZZZ ‘s intervention to prop the market” …. I’ll have to bring my hands again to my ears out of reflex and then to my eyes to ward them off what they will read.

    1. AlexP

      should a crash occur on Monday (the most likely scenario):
      – it will find support at 1920 for SPX;
      – it will also mean that SPX has put a shortened 24-day daily cycle;
      – after all and despite all, STOCKS RALLY WILL COME ON CHRISTMAS – History will be served;
      – a fight will come at pivot SPX=2104 –> based on how that fight will turn out, we will know whether we have left an ICL on Monday or …just a DCL that leavs room for an ICL in early February.

      PS: repeat , I am not affraid of either a crash or a reversal on Monday –> EITHER WAY, IT WILL BE WORTH GOING LONG STOCKS (difference will be in weight: if a crash occurs, a larger portfolio weight should be devoted than in the reversal scenario).

    2. Gary Post author

      The market is short term oversold so we could still get a Santa Claus rally into year end, and for reasons i discuss in the weekend report I’m expecting this daily cycle to stretch a bit long so no DCL until well into January, maybe even the third or fourth week of Jan.

      1. AlexP

        yes, indeed, Gary. Now a Christmas rally is a done deal regardless of what happens on Monday: either a crash or a sudden reversal.

        1. Gary Post author

          There is a strong correlation between ICL’s in the currencies and ICL’s in equities. Stocks form major intermediate bottoms at the same time as stress in the currency markets.

          Assuming the dollar has begun moving down into it’s ICL it will be due to bottom most likely on the ECB meeting on the 21at or maybe on the next FOMC meeting on the 28th.

  11. Chris

    I sold into golds and silvers huge strength when it was at the high of its ATR. Monday will look to buy on weakness. I will buy gold on the next down day, a red bar. Gonna trade it. Shorted Nikkei too and covered with good profits. Turned long near the lows. If it breaks todays futures market low on monday, gonna cut it.

  12. Gallo

    Alex P I should ask your thoughts on the S&P for 2016 if you don’t mind. Finally, do you feel that gold and their shares will bottom together or will GDX bottom first in 2016? Regards.

    1. AlexP

      I dont know about GDX; it has never been in my interest.
      About gold, I think it will set its low of the bear market next year but I cannot know when except that it cannot be sooner than March –> it depends on USX’ action in the beginning of its third YC next autumn.

      Stocks will break out to new historical highs and will close on profit but all on volatility.
      The breakout points will be retested in the 2017-2018 bear market.

  13. David Silver

    Crude correction:
    Reviewing crude’s action through Elliot Wave Theory (my winning formula in the late 90’s) are my changes of thought:
    Crude in wave 3 DOWN (3rd of a 3rd/most dramatic) = $27.13 (mid January)?
    Wave 4 UP to $40.04 (mid March)?
    Final wave 5 DOWN to $15.78 (mid June)?
    Commoditiy time and relevance with metals.
    Monday @ open on strength clear longs
    Short on strength
    $37.75 was truncated and negated
    $34.53 violated Friday
    Two descending lower highs

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